Bridal Beauty Tips 


There are so many things to think about for your wedding but one aspect you do not want to forget is your beauty look. Beautylish consulted with Bay Area bridal makeup artist Jane Kim on how to get the best results when booking a professional makeup artist.

how to work with a bridal makeup artist Jane Kim's Tips

  1. Before you choose your makeup artist, you should have a general idea of the makeup look you want. Scour magazines, beauty sites, and bridal books for inspiration. Once you have that idea, look through the makeup artist's portfolio and see if their style matches yours. Knowing they can achieve the look you want will help narrow the choice down.

  2. When I first talk with a bride, I will ask her to bring me photos of her desired look and details about the wedding. A makeup artist and bride can have different ideas of what they're going for, but if you have photos, you'll both be on the same page. 

  3. Enhancing the eyes is almost always requested. Some brides will say 'I want my eyes to look natural, but very defined.' Be realistic with what look you want to achieve and talk your makeup artist's ear off on what you do and do not want. The classic bridal look (a flawless face with neutral, earth-toned colored makeup) is always flattering, but if you want a more modern spin—a bright bold lip, perhaps?—let the makeup artist know before the big day so she'll have the right makeup in her kit. 

  4. Brides can book their appointments up to a year in advance. It all depends on the bride, but the sooner you make your appointment, the more likely your makeup artist will be available for your big day. Another perk of booking your appointment sooner is that you'll have enough time for trial sessions to tweak your look to perfection.

Trial session Extra Bridal Beauty Tips

  1. This may seem obvious, but if you want a hair style that requires long hair, don't cut your hair short! Trimming your hair to keep it healthy is perfectly fine, but don't be tempted to chop your locks off before the big day. If you do do something drastic, don't worry! It's not the end of the world—hair extensions can be life-savers.

  2. Make sure to bring a camera and take photos of yourself (with and without flash and both indoors and outdoors) with your makeup and hair done. If you are not accustomed to wearing makeup (or false lashes), sometimes it may take a while to adjust to the initial shock of being fully made up, so it's important to get the honest opinions of the your friends and family—the proof is in the pictures.

  3. Choose a look for yourself! Remember, your wedding is your special day to shine and sparkle. Pick a look that you love and not what your parents, family members or friends will like. You will be beautiful regardless.

Jane Kim is a Bay Area makeup artist based in San Francisco, California,. "I love empowering women through beauty.The best part of my job is when I unveil a look to my clients—they stare in disbelief by their own reflection and thank me for a miraculous job well done. Only, I am not a magician. I am not a surgeon. I am not miracle worker. I see the beauty in people and enhance what beautiful features they have already been blessed with." You can find Jane at