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Editorial: Beautylish Recommends

  • 5 Items You Need for Hair Emergencies
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    5 Items You Need for Hair Emergencies

    Have you ever planned to go out after work and forgot to bring that one bobby pin that puts your frizz into submission? We've all been stuck at the office without our beauty essentials, but with proper planning and products, you'll never go to work unprepared for hair-mergencies again! Keep reading for tips on how to build your perfect office hair survival kit.

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  • Beauty Survival Kit: Music Festivals

    Beauty Survival Kit: Music Festivals

    The weather is warming up fast and festival season has officially launched! Keep reading for our favorite festival-ready makeup.

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  • Spring Cleaning Part 4: Your Face!

    Spring Cleaning Part 4: Your Face!

    Beauties, now that your makeup bag, skin care products, and nail tools are all tidied up, take note that spring cleaning applies to your face too. Here are a few tips to look naturally polished for the beach and beyond!

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  • Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Beauty organization never stops—even on the go! Keep reading for some easy solutions to keep your beauty goods organized when traveling.

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  • Shampoo & Conditioner For Different Hair Types
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    Shampoo & Conditioner For Different Hair Types

    Having the right shampoo and conditioner formulation to match your hair type will help make the most of your natural hair texture. Clear shampoos are lightweight and less heavy than creamy ones, which makes them great for people with oily hair. Creamy shampoos are heavier and can weigh down fine hair, but are great for dry or damaged hair. I didn’t realize there was a difference and constantly used creamy hair products on my fine hair, causing my scalp to become extremely oily. Here is our list of the best shampoos and conditioners for your particular hair type.

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