Obsessed: Anastasia Brow Powder


I am a pale, pale, pale redhead. And my eyebrows and lashes are the color of blonde that could be called transparent. There are pros to this. One, no one knows I have a unibrow. Two, because my brows aren't visible, I don't have to tweeze them.

On the downside, it looks like I have no eyebrows. Or one really tall forehead.

Most brow and lash products come in two colors, blonde and brunette. And in most cases, the brunette version is jet black and "blonde" is really more like "you are really a brunette so lets just say 'blonde' when we really mean 'brown'." Either way I, if I limit myself to the usual color choices on the market, end up looking like the mean teacher from Miss Nelson is Missing. I've also tried getting my brows dyed, which is great, for a week. (And I'm convinced that the bulk of the effect was dye on my skin, and not my brows.)

So I am really loving the Anastasia Brow Powder in Caramel. It just makes me look like I have redheaded eyebrows. The product quick and easy to apply (I use the line's stencils, too), and I then—poof—I have brows. If you accidentally smudge, it's pretty forgiving with a quick brush out. And it doesn't look like I'm wearing Red Brow Powder. If you go to our Anastasia boutique, you can filter products by hair color in the left column. Click "auburn" those are my products! — Diane, lead UX engineer

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