Coconut Oil


The coconut craze has become extremely popular recently. However, if you’re from the islands you probably grew up on this tropical fruit. Coconut water and milk are great, but I prefer another product that comes from coconuts, the oil! Every time my brother comes back from the Caribbean (where my family is originally from), I beg him to bring back fresh coconut oil. While coconut oil looks fatty and smells a bit strong, this product remains one of my all-time favorite beauty products because of all its benefits.

1 Skin

Growing up, I had severe eczema. My skin became very sensitive, and it was hard for me to find moisturizers that I could actually use on my skin. My mom would rub me down in coconut oil, which automatically soothes and moisturizes. This all-natural product is great for skin problems like eczema or psoriasis. It also delays wrinkles and premature sagging of the skin because it’s filled antioxidants. Try heating your coconut oil a bit before using it on skin in the winter. It'll automatically warm you up. 

2 Hair

Hair oils have become a huge trend, so try natural coconut oil to combat dryness and add shine. Just like the skin, coconut oil moisturizes the hair. Damaged split ends and dandruff can be caused by excessive dryness, so concentrate this oil on your ends and scalp (try a scalp massage). It also can work as a hair conditioner or mask to help nourish and grow the hair because coconut is packed with protein. 

3 Internal Health

Try substituting your normal cooking oil with virgin coconut oil. Filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals, this product doesn't lose its benefits when heated (like olive oil). 

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