Obsessed: ModelCo Cheek & Lips


I believe in blush. I believe it is an instant transformer and can take your skin from a dull, zombie-ashen pallor to a “haaaaay, I’m just back from yoga” flush in about three seconds. What other beauty product can do that? I’ll tell you: there isn’t one.

As a blush lover, I am incredibly picky about my cheek tints. I want one that looks natural and is so easy to put on that even I cannot screw it up.

I tend to favor stains; they’re always sheer and glowing. Also I love putting product on my fingers and just smudging it on my face like a five-year-old.

So with that, I give you: ModelCo Cheek & Lips in Rosy Red. I love this blush. Not only is it super easy to apply (you just dab three tiny dots on the apple of each cheek and rub it in), but it lasts all day, smells like pink lemonade, and can also stain your lips for hours, making it look like they’re naturally two or three shades redder than they really are.

It’s almost perfect. At $24, it’s not cheap, but the tube lasts a long time, since you only need a tiny amount for a full day’s worth of blushing. I put it on over my BB cream, concealer, and powder. It looks natural and doesn’t streak, adding a hint of dewiness to my cheekbones. It’s also great when you’re running out the door for a night out, and you want to look less like you’re wearing tons of makeup and more like you’re just subtly, naturally gorgeous. A swipe on the lips, and boom! Cute rosebud mouth.

I will say that it comes out of the tube in an intimidatingly dark, bloody-raspberry color, but don’t let that scare you. It goes on sheer and pinkish. It also shows up well on darker skin tones if you put on a little extra.

One of the only drawbacks: this cheek and lip stain … stains things. Fingers. Skin you don’t want to be blushing. It really, really stains. You can use a lip brush or Q-tip to cope, or you can be like me and enjoy fingertips that look faintly embarrassed for hours. But don’t blame the product. It was born to stain things. Just aim for your lips and dimples, and you’ll be fine!