Back To School Survival Kit


The first day of school can be daunting, so what to do when something goes awry during a busy school day? Here's our back to school beauty checklist so you can make sure you're prepared for any classroom beauty emergency.

Conspiracies  & Cover-Ups 

Throughout the day, oily skin can fade your perfect blemish cover-up job. In addition to the anti-shine (we'll get to that later!), keep your concealer with you for touch-ups.

Hard Candy Glamouflage Concealer

_Sanitation Engineering _

Have a stash of makeup wipes with you at all times. These all-purpose multi-taskers are essential in any beauty bag—they can handle everything from makeup removal to who-knows-what-else.

Yes to Cucumber On-The-Go Facial Towelettes

Luscious Lips and You 

Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized with a sheer and non-sticky balm or gloss. On a particularly windy day, you'll thank us for reminding you to avoid the goopy formulation.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

Advanced Biology 

Textbooks, friends, the lunch counter, your chair—the first day of school has a lot of yucky germs that your immune system hasn't adapted to yet! Keep a mini-bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer with you for double-duty hydration and hygiene!

Clean Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

Applied Shine Control 

Nothing ruins a makeup look like the dreaded midday oil slick. Whether you use blotting papers, sheer pressed powder, or toilet seat covers (seriously, this trick actually works!), remember keep the shine at bay.

Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens

Disaster Relief

Like all unfair things in life, we usually sprout a fresh blemish on the eve of the first day of school. Treat it throughout the day with an on-the-go blemish fighter and zap that zit before the week is up!

Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen

Intro to Health 

You never know when your favorite Aunt Flo will make a surprise visit, so be sure to keep a stash of at least three pads or tampons in your kit, just in case of a biological emergency.

Tampax Pearl Tampons

Toxicology 101 

Moving from classroom to classroom while lugging a heavy book bag can make a Beauty a little sweaty. Body odor is a big no-no, so we say prepare for the worst! Tote a mini deodorant or small body spray to make sure you always smell fresh. Remember, choose a subtle, light scent so you don't stink up the hall.

Degree Women with motionSENSE™ Deodorant

The Art of Hair 

Few things are more annoying than frizz and poof. Have a small collection of bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray, and serum at your disposal to keep your mane in check. And if you wake up in the morning with hair that just won't cooperate? Headband it is!

Goody Spin Pins

Dental Hygiene 

Have you ever used a strand of hair to floss your teeth in an emergency? We have, and it's not fun. Pack some dental floss on you for food-free teeth when the bell rings!

Oral-B Glide Floss

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