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I bought this today because like Katie M, i thought it would be fun to try. I was excited to try it out when i got home, and i put it on. It didnt blend very well, and looked streaky and spotted. Tomorrow morning im going to try to layer it under my normal foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) and see how it looks. It is a small amount of product though, but its cheap. I payed $5 for it.

In love

One of my favorite mascaras I've ever used. The brush is a lot like Covergirl's lashblast fusions. It adds length and volume, and if you apply many coats of mascara like i do, it looks awesome. Love it!

Favorite powder ive ever used!

I love, love, love this powder! It works better and is way less cakier than any other powder I've used. IMO, the application pad is a bit rough, though and I did not like the feel of it on my skin. The product itself, though, is AMAZING!


I normally dont like powder eyeshadows because of their inconsistency to stay on, but this one is one of the few i adore! The color is very bright and i used it all summer! The duel-ended brush is also a cute idea, though i didnt use it :)

Not very pigmented

I got Candy Apple for free in a Seventeen offer, and its okay. I like the shimmer undertones, but the color itself is just not very pigmented. It appears the lighter colors look a lot better. I love the smell though, but it just isnt a repurchase for me.

Works well for on the go

I got it a few weeks ago and it hasnt shed on me the slightest bit, which is a bit odd because all the other reviews have all said it has. I personally dont think its too rough, either compared to some other ones I have used. Its good for personal, quick use but I wouldnt recommend for clients. For a dollar, you shouldnt expect much.

Great and cheap

For one dollar, this lip gloss was pretty awesome! I really like the color, and it stays on for quite a while. It does feel a bit heavy though, and maybe this is just me, but when something feels heavy on my lips i rub them together out of habit. Other than that, its a great buy!


I loved the consistency of the formula when i tried it on in the store. It went on great, and i agree with Leslie, the fact that its meant for face and body is awesome. But i tried both of the gold colors, and they were both very.very dark. If you have fair to medium-tanned skin, i wouldnt buy it because it wouldn't look natural like bronzers are intended.

Do not get in your eyes!

I got the silver glitter swatch of this mascara and i love it! It goes on amazingly and stays on, too! But, a few days after i got it, it got into my eye. I cried, it hurt so bad. It burned for about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. And i dont mean soap-in-the-eyes burn, it hurts really bad. So be super careful when applying.


The color was a great match for my skin, but when i applied it, it looked streaky and cakey. It was also fairly difficult to blend, but maybe thats because of my dryish skin type. I have also had it for a few months and it is almost completely dried out. It now sits in the bottom of my makeup bag and was a total waste.

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