Wet N Wild

Intuitive Blend Shade-Adjusting Foundation + Primer


Viola M.

ive read many of the reviews and was skeptical before trying. I purchased this product for 60cents at kmart's clearance beauty aisle. i could tell immediately that my total look had changed. But i must ad that i did use this product with an elf cover stick.

Cindy C.
Never buying this again!

I bought this because I was looking for a low-cost foundation to use while in college. I've used it once & the outcome was horrible! It left my face streaky & failed to provide optimum coverage. My skin's texture felt like a gum eraser after it was applied :(

Of course, I took it all off with a face towelette & bought some mid-quality light coverage foundation for $2 more. My wet & wild is going in the trash for good.

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Taylor B.
Run Away!

Put your six dollars towards a better quality product that gives you more! At first I was all enchanted by the magical blending-to-your-skin-color powers this seemed to have, but it ended up just being pretty streaky and rubbing off. I've tried to use it four times since I bought it and I really wish that I had saved my money. Streaky and drying. I'm pretty bummed, Wild.

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Sarah M.

I bought this because I didn't want to pay extra for the almay brand of shade adjusting makeup. I'd also seen it in a magazine. I mixed it on my hand first before applying to my face. The coverage was not as much as I wanted and I thought the pigment was kind of chalky. I threw this away.

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Krystal B.
lightweight and sheer

I bought this foundation, in interest in trying their shade adjusting and primer formula. This foundation is very light on my skin, but it gives a skin a more glow than adjusting to my skintone. I like it. I would definately use this foundation more often.

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Anna C.

I bought this today because like Katie M, i thought it would be fun to try. I was excited to try it out when i got home, and i put it on. It didnt blend very well, and looked streaky and spotted. Tomorrow morning im going to try to layer it under my normal foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) and see how it looks. It is a small amount of product though, but its cheap. I payed $5 for it.

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Katie M.
Fun product but definitely not a necessity

I've been using this item on a pretty regular basis for the past 2 weeks and I really like it. I usually don't buy face products from drugstore brands but I was really intrigued by the shade adjusting feature in the product.

I am lucky enough to have very clear skin so I've worn this product alone as a sheer foundation as well as used it underneath my foundation and powder.

The product blended well into my natural skin tone and helped even out the redness in my T-zone. I would not recommend wearing this alone if you have blemishes or heavy discoloration because it gives extremely sheer coverage when worn alone.

When wearing it underneath my foundation I found my redness reduced and my foundation did last a little longer.

The only downside of this product is the price. $6 is not that expensive compared to other primers but there is very little product. I definitely think what they give you is worth only $4.

Either way it's a cool product but not necessary to your foundation routine. I like it for reducing redness and if I continue liking it I might purchase it again when I run out.

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Yasmin K.
Not for sensitive skin

Bought this product on Sunday 11/28/2010 and used it on Monday 11/29/2010, I will NEVER buy this item again for the following reasons:

1. The color does not match my skin tone. I can use medium foundations (ranging from "Creamy Natural" to "Sand Beige") and most are closer to my skin coloring than the "medium" from this line.

2. The product burns my skin. I'm still itchy.

3. The product was cakey and drying. I think that's why I'm itchy because my skin feels so dry.

4. It doesn't blend well and was very spotty.

5. Cost - around $6 - for a very small amount of product. If you compare the amount and price to that of better drugstore brands you're actually paying MORE for the product than a different drug store brand. (Hence I have it a 4 star when it came to pricing.)

Overall my face looks terribly dried out as if I put on a ton of foundation then layered it with a ton of powder. All I have one is the foundation, lipliner, lipstick, eyeshadow (which normally looks fine but looks very cakey and blotchy) and mascara.

Save your money and buy a different foundation.