Hard Candy

Lash Tinsel - Glitter Mascara


Chantale M.
absolutely love it!

i wear this stuff everyday! i just have the regular black and silver one but i put on my regular mascara and it doesnt matter what mascara i use (even the flakiest or them) this make my lashes look great! it keeps the mascara from flaking, and even keeps them curled through out the day. literally when all my other makeup has worn off my lashes still stand strong but ONLY when i use this on top.

Elizabeth M.
Sliver is pretty for christmas makeup

I bought the Sliver liner recently to do a christmas makeup look there are pros and cons to this product

PROS: good price, pigmented, very sparkly CONS: it can be itchy/irraite if you get any near your eye or in your eye , it feels very tacky when you apply it and it takes a while to dry

Nicolette C.
It has ups and downs

I liked the fact that the glitter actually showed up well and u could see it. The only down side is that it was a bit to stick and I had to unclump my eyelashes after wards. but all in all it wasnt terrible. I liked it.

Paige M.
need a new applicator style

this stuff would be 5+ star rating from me if they made it with a different applicator, i use this after my main mascara to add some glitz to make my eyes really pop when i am going out but this applicator makes this mascara already applied majorly clump!

Kylie W.
Pretty Okay

I have the black one with gold sparkles. It took me a while to figure out the correct way to apply it (bc the mascara wand did absolutely nothing as far as lengthening/volumizing, so i had to apply it in combination with my normal mascara) but once I did, it did a really nice job. Subtle sparkles + very good at making your lashes separate (if that makes sense? making them look like lines as opposed to a forest). Prone to clumping, so use sparingly!

Samantha L.
it's ok

I have the black with silver glitter. I like that I can see the glitter once applied to my lashes. It's not something I would wear daily because I can feel a big differance between the weight of this and a light mascara and it does sting pretty bad to get in your eyes and then my eyes water and what I did get on runs off so that's kind of a pain.

Anna C.
Do not get in your eyes!

I got the silver glitter swatch of this mascara and i love it! It goes on amazingly and stays on, too! But, a few days after i got it, it got into my eye. I cried, it hurt so bad. It burned for about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. And i dont mean soap-in-the-eyes burn, it hurts really bad. So be super careful when applying.

Kristen N.

this stuff is great if you want to give a little bit of an edge to your look. it gives just a "tinsel" of color. it doesn't coat your whole lashes with it, though. the light blue, i noticed, gives you a lot of product, but makes your eyelashes clump like crazy. the pink, on the other hand, doesn't give enough product, but if anything makes your lashes look fuller.

Taffy K.

I love Hard Candy, but this product just didn't like me :(( Its not meant to be a lengthening or volumizing mascara, its mainly meant to add glitter to your lashes. It did not work for me at all and i have stubby short lashes. So for me it was a miss.