Beauty Product Reviews

Really are waterproof!

Couldn't believe that after a long, hot, humid day this pencil (with no primer under or shadow over, mind you) looked just as fresh as it did when I first put it on! No amount of rubbing would get this off even a bit. I also wore this to the beach and it didn't come off after swimming. Full review at

I've never seen such a beautiful polish!

Mermaid's Dream is just gorgeous. It's a shimmery aqua blue base with a teal green flash and chunky dark teal glitter. So multi-dimensional! Great for summer. I did find that application was a bit weird though. Not bad or anything, but I definitely suggest NOT wiping off the excess polish on the brush before applying to your nails. You need as much as you can get as it doesn't spread out all that much. Full review at

Wouldn't stay on...

I did my nails at night and by the next morning they were all peeling so badly on me I just ripped them off. It's a shame because the patterns were very nice. I would however love to use these as nail stickers in conjunction with polish. Maybe with a top coat they'll hang on better. Full review at

I was surprised that they didn't work out for me :(

I have really dry lips, so I expected these lipsticks to be right up my alley....but I ended up returning all of them. They slipped and slid all over my lips and all the colors I picked up looked horrible on me. Full review & swatches at

Great companion to other mascaras!

I love to add this on top of other mascaras. Aside from adding extra curl and volume, it also helps to take out any clumps and separates. This is also a godsend to my skimpy lower lashes as it doesn't make a mess on my lower lashline! Full review at

An adequate tinted moisturer...

Has this tinted moisturizer changed my life? No. But it's good enough that I don't feel the need at this time to look for another one. It's has just enough coverage to even my skin out a bit and it keeps my face quite moisturized without feeling heavy. Some have commented on its smell, but I like the smell of sunscreen so it's a plus for me. Full review & swatches at

One of the better nude/naked palettes...

I really liked this palette! For it being a nude palette, it has a much larger variety of colors than other palettes like it. Instead of getting just browns you also get golds, pinks, champagnes, burgundy, among others. There are also a good mixture of both mattes and shimmers. Full review and swatches at and if you're trying to decide if you need the UD Naked Palette or the Nude Tude, or both you can check out my in depth comparison at

Not my favorite concealer...

For one it has shimmer in it, which gets on my nerves for a concealer to have shimmer, be it illuminating or not. It's also very liquidy, which makes it very mess-proned. It is good in a pinch however, or when you don't need too much coverage. Full review and swatches at

Loved the finished product, but application was a bitch...

The colors in this range are gorgeous and opaque, but I had so much trouble applying them. The brush bristles are coarse and makes the polish streaky and the brush also doesn't spread the polish out much so it makes even more streaks. But if you're extra careful, the finished product is worth it. Full review at

Everything a gloss should be and more...

These glosses are pigmented enough to wear on their own and aren't sticky in the least. Very comfortable to wear! My favorite shade is frosted beige, a gorgeous nude. I also like Gold Pink, even though it's not really gold. Full review here

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