Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concealer


Anastasia D.
Brings features out

I use this under my eyes, on my cheekbones and the browbone to highlight and it works wonders. Not only does it provide great coverage, it also helps boost the skin and make it look fresher and brighter.

Renay T.

I love this concealer very much so! I use this all the time, I use a shade lighter to really brighten up under y eyes and it does the job well! I also use this to clean up my brows, it's really east with how the applicator is!

I've also used the salmon one before, it does a really good job at counteracting those dark under eye circles!

Jessica D.

This is my everyday highlighting concealer. I use this under my eyes after a correcting concealer for my dark circles and it really makes my face appear brighter and more awake. This doesn't crease on me, but I do always set it with a bit of powder. This is an everyday staple for me

Whiskey Y.

...never gets cakey, so I can add more through the day. Offers medium coverage. Blends amazingly. Just awesome concealer. Super annoying that I can't find it anymore in my country :/

Branka P.

Seriously loving this concealer. I like my undereye area to look slightly lighter than the rest of my face (not the Kim Kardashian kind of lighter) and this definitely delivers. I use the lightest shade, Ivory, and am about nc25 so it lightens a bit, but not too much. I have genetically quite dark undereye circles and this manages to keep them under control, both because it is lighter and because it has some concealing properties. It's definitely not full coverage, but somewhere around medium and I don't think this would work for extremely dark circles or redness on the rest of the face. My shade seems to look a bit like a corrector, meaning that it has those peachy-salmony tones in it, but they are barely noticeable. As for the shimmer, I really haven't noticed any. Perhaps I haven't looked carefully enough, but when I inspected my face, I could see no shine under my eyes. The texture is not too runny and not too dense so it's easy to apply and isn't messy at all. It does crease a bit, but all undereye concealers crease on me a bit. It's nothing too much.

Kaylee C.

This product really makes a difference on your face, I always look tired and have circles under my eyes. When I went out to buy this product and applied it like I was suppose to, it made me look wide awake and beautiful. I don't rub it under my eyes I dab it, it gives a more concealed wide awake look! Buying the right shade makes a difference as well make sure it's not too dark or too light.

El O.
Great product!

I use this under my eyes to brighten, around my brows to define, and to highlight my cheekbones. However it's greatest use is clean up. Over the day when my shadow or liner smears under my eye I can use this to wipe it away without having to wash off my makeup. I have never experienced this product to be dry or cakey and I have no issues blending it.

Morgan B.
great for undereyes, iffy on other areas

This concealer(especially when mixed with the tiniest bit of nyx concealer in a jar in orange for color correction) helps to cover, hide, and brighten the dark circles and shadows under my eyes. I'm iffy on using it on other areas like pimples or acne scars, though. It doesn't quite highlight the areas, per se, but it doesn't look totally concealed and looks off somehow on other areas compared to using it on undereye circles. So it may be a one trick pony, as it were, but it's a lovely, eye-brightening trick!

Olivia P.
Photo of product included with review by Olivia P.

I brought this a week or two ago and now it's the only concealer I use.. But! It's a highlighting concealer, it doesn't hide blemishes it brightens underneath your eyes and fore head region. I like the product itself; twist to push the liquid out , with a clip on lid! It's really convenient and would definitely recommend this to family & friends!

Not  H.

This product is very underrated! Works so well underneath my eyes as it conceals darkness and makes me look way more awake. I also use this concealer on my Cupid's bow and down the bridge of my nose for even more highlighting. This product is wonderful, but I would not recommend this for the entire face, just certain areas. Also, be careful when selecting your shade.