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Sexy Curves Mascara

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Tenika S.

This was my first mascara. I have really long dark lashes and I never used mascara but when I tried this I loved it. It doesn't gunk up and it gave me more volume

Jennifer M.
It's okay, wouldn't but it again..

To me I didn't love this mascara, and I usually love all mascara! This just didn't seem to make my lashes stand out or make them even "noticeable" I had to coat them 3-4 times to even get it to look right.. I don't rec. this at all..

Coco G.

I personally love this product, it creates a fine and longer effect. It works great on lower lash liner and won't smudge. It is more like a natural outcome, it is great for daily simple makeup look. So people that are more into a dramatic look, it is definitely not something you might consider.

Amber R.
Great companion to other mascaras!

I love to add this on top of other mascaras. Aside from adding extra curl and volume, it also helps to take out any clumps and separates. This is also a godsend to my skimpy lower lashes as it doesn't make a mess on my lower lashline! Full review at http://tinyurl.com/bls6ahd

Sophie M.

This mascara was not horrible nor was it great that i would buy it again. it just made my lashes look like they had mascara on as oppose to being bare.it gave decent definition but not much volume. its a perfect mascara for a natural look. i prefer more drama and def more length. so after the tube was done so was i with this mascara!

Heidi R.

So I just bought this the other the day because i had seem like a billion of good reviews on this mascara and I must say its not bad. Im not in love with it quite yet but i definitely don't hate it.

Sarah M.

I used to use this mascara all the time, but i still think its a great product, the brush makes it very easy to apply and it never clumped. Its affordable and i would reccommend it.

Pretty Mooi Blog A.

I have been looking for mascara like this for ages! Easy to apply and it doesn't clump. Makes my lashes long and thick (but not too thick)... love love love! I will be hard pressed to buy another mascara!!

Kelly W.
BAD for stubby lashes such as mine !

From wha tive previously read, ive heard that this mascarais creat if you have long lashes. whereas for us unfortunates who have short lashes such as myself, i found this mascara's brush design barely applied any mascara to my lashes atall, not matter how many coats i applied :( the brush didnt seem to 'grip'my lashes, I just felt like I was barely touching them! Also,throughout the day this flaked on my face ALOT! i never intend to repurchase this product,as it did nothing but cause me to have black all over my face.

Jessica L.

It gives amazing volume. It makes your lashes thick without the clump. It is my favorite mascara i`ve ever used. I like that it doesn't give like 5 feet long lashes, but still adds length to your lashes. The brush and formula are both amazing. I super suggest this.