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Blurs my pores, and being that it's water based, it's awesome!

It's winter in Hawai'i, and my dry skin is only getting worse. I'm glad I took the chance and tried this primer! Although it doesn't do a great job at "priming", the best part is that it moisturizes my skin! I love it:)

Clumps, weighs down lashes, doesn't hold curl, smudges like crazy

I gave this mascara a few tries, but it kept smudging, moving, it always held down my lashes, no curl what so ever, horrible:(. I'm glad I didn't buy it full price, or I'd definitely rant about it and demand a refund.

This is one of my favorite water proof mascaras!

I knew for sure I had to get it, just because P!nk was in the commercial lol, but I really do like this mascara for what it claims, being clump free. It held my curl all day, but my lashes still felt soft and flexible to the touch. The only reason I'm giving it 4/5 stars, is because when it's ready to be taken off with or without makeup remover, there are SO MANY FLAKES. It doesn't come off as an ink like consistency, so I have to be extra careful or it'll go into my eye.

Although I got the wrong skin color choice, the coverage is pretty awesome.

I have combination oily skin, so I thought a bb cream shouldn't be for me, as most with oily skin didn't work out with it. Come to a surprise, it's pretty nice. The coverage can be buildable to an extent, and I like that it actually covers the most of my breakouts and scars without "moving", as I would have if I just used concealer. I suggest using with primer, because it's easier to blend, and the smell isn't that distinct with spf. The consistency is between a thick liquid, so it won't be bleeding all over your face. For the price, I don't mind using this, I just wish they kept up with the sample display, because I got the wrong shade for me. It is way too light. As for taking pictures, it doesn't give a white cast for me, and the fact that I used with and without face powder makeup, it still stayed on throughout the day. I do however prefer the matte/dewy combo when using this, instead of just using it and not setting it. I look too much of a dewy faced model if I don't set it.

A bit too pink for my skintone, but I love the spf.

The spf in this kind of smelled a bit strong, but it doesn't linger. I'm not a fan of using spf, but I am prone to sunburn and such, so this is a great way to protect my face while also applying makeup. For only $3 I can't go wrong here. I wish they had a better selection of color, because I used it in medium, and it was a bit too pink for me, and also, a bit too light, so I had to eventually mix it with my regular foundation. I tried the tan, it was too dark. Nonetheless I like this product:)

Definitely a Vanity Palette dupe! I love it!

Pigmented, blends easily, and I can use it on the go! I love this neutral palette. I was so sad when I couldn't find the vanity palette in my drugstores, so I opted for this one. I'm amazed! I wish we could have interchangeable palettes for lips and blush though, they were to light for my skintone.

I didn't really see any results, and the smell was horrible.

I will only buy this again if they rethink their formula for fragrance, and I'd also only repurchase because the bottle is amazing with misting. I haven't got the money to buy any urban decay setting sprays, so I make my own. Glycerin, cold water,keep refrigerated, and toss out solution after a week or two and make a new batch again. It keeps my face fresh and makeup still on all day and night.

I love the colors, but wish ALL of them had pigmentation....

Out of the 144 shadows, I had to depot around 30, because I had it in my makeup kit, and the colors looked so similar, I always messed up when I saw it come out chalky, so I just threw all the non pigmented ones all together. I do however, like the other shadows. The matte ones are a bit powdery, but I love using them for natural smokey eyes. The shimmer ones have a lot of pigmentation, as long as I use it with a primer, it's all good:)

A bit rough and it doesn't distribute shadow that evenly.

The hairs on this brush is horrible, BUT when in need of it, I do use it. You might need to take a little time to apply shadow evenly, because this doesn't really do a good job at it, but nonetheless I wouldn't throw it out the window just yet. When it started to become "frizzy", I started using it as a cuticle oil applique or also to brush off the nail file dust from my nails. Reuse ladies!:)

This is too small for a concealer brush in my opinion, but I still like it!

I use it to smudge my underlashline shadow, or to simple apply an inner corner highlight. This little thing looked so delicate I was afraid I'd break it, but it's lasted me over two years now! Awesome! It picks up shadow pretty well, and applies it with little to no fallout, depending if your'e using pigment or pressed.

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