Concealer Brush

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Amanda M.

I have 2 of these and if i see another i would buy it , i use this little thing for so many things from touch ups and cleaning small spots , eyeliner , and to add details on anything im working on from regular face makeup to a halloween peice ! , their small and useful ! awesome for really details things ! i love it ! only $1 :)


Autumn C.
Love it!

I have two of these bad boys and I just have to say that I love them! I don't use them for concealing though. I use these for putting shimmer in the inner corner or for putting a shadow on top of my eyeliner. I really love these. Like I said, I have two, one is really soft, but my second one is so hard that's its not funny. But, I still love it none the less. They are amazing for a lot of different things, but not exactly concealing :)

Nikki S.
awesome, but not for what its intended for

I bought the essential line brush kit, and this was included. it is RIDICULOUSLY too small for a concealer brush. BUT, I use it to fill in my eyebrows and also to do precision work on my eyes and add shadow to my tear duct/inner corner areas. It's PERFECT for these things. I actually bought a 2nd one, and I have a feeling I might go back for a few more!

Valencia F.
Too Small for Concealer

But it is the perfect for smudging and filling in the eyebrows brush. I absolutely adore this little brush. I have about seven of them and I use them all of the time.

Jocelyne R.

It's cheap, and I love it. I personally never have actually used it for concealer, I usually use it for blending and small details. It's hard to find good brushes for so cheap! Love it!

Anna A.
This is too small for a concealer brush in my opinion, but I still like it!

I use it to smudge my underlashline shadow, or to simple apply an inner corner highlight. This little thing looked so delicate I was afraid I'd break it, but it's lasted me over two years now! Awesome! It picks up shadow pretty well, and applies it with little to no fallout, depending if your'e using pigment or pressed.

Shelley W.
Has Better Uses Other Than Intended

I originally picked this up for doing spot work with my concealer. Not very successful. Instead I found it to be useful to give precision for my dark lip colors. It now has new life as a lip brush instead of a concealer brush. I'm not mad....I only spent a $1 on it at Target.

Esmee L.

I don't like to use this brush for concealer, because it's really dense and if you try to blend the concealer into your skin it's very difficult to blend it, it's easier to just use your finger.

Elaina Y.
Wrong label?

When I saw this brush I thought that the small size would make it great for concealing small blemishes on my skin. When attempting to use it, I found that the bristles were WAY to hard to do any form of concealing. I think there might be other ways to use this brush to get good use out of it. Otherwise don't fool yourself into thinking that this brush would be great for applying concealer.

Sarah N.
Too small

I dont like it to be honest. It would never pass as a concealor brush and I find it hard to use for other things because I have staple eye brushes that I just wouldn't change. http://testtrialreview.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-ordered-some-bits-and-things-from-elf.html