Flawless & Poreless


Evegail A.
No More Oil!

Let's face it - in the hotter seasons we tend to get extremely oily, well I do! I wear this product two ways - 1. Without foundation 2. With - and both ways are amazing! I can wear it bare faced during the days that I just want to free my skin. This really helps my skin attain that glow. I don't know how it does it, but it does! The times that I wear a tinted moisturizer, BB Cream or Foundation, I only apply a coin size within my t-zone and my canvas is prepped and ready to go! It also doesn't have any harsh chemicals either. Definitely a plus for me!

Sarah  T.
My favorite primer

I absolutely LOVE this primer! I've tried so many primers and nothing works as well as the Pixi one. It is so smooth and moisturizing and makes my foundation last all day!

Anna A.
Blurs my pores, and being that it's water based, it's awesome!

It's winter in Hawai'i, and my dry skin is only getting worse. I'm glad I took the chance and tried this primer! Although it doesn't do a great job at "priming", the best part is that it moisturizes my skin! I love it:)