Stylish Vintage Sun Blockers


Have you thought about other ways to shield your skin from the sun besides sunscreen? We present three accessory alternatives to block the UV's—after the SPF, of course.

Throughout history, women have used the fan to allure and seduce—we're thinking these beautifully-bladed gadgets will keep you cool instead and shade your face from extra rays. Many novelty shops (check out your local Chinatown!) sell fun fans with gold leafing, lace, and delicate details. Keep an extra in your purse for an on-the-spot cool down. Then again, it never hurts to have a little fun with it like those femme fatales did.

Move over umbrellas—we're bringing Victorian flair back. The noble elite of the fin de siècle would use delicately crafted parasols to protect their fair skin while complementing their beautiful outfits. Today, we're seeing celebrities like Lauren Conrad turn these fragile sun-blockers into a modern fashion statement.

Since William and Kate's fairytale wedding, the world is again fascinated with fascinators! Hat design has reached new heights (literally!) and it's become a popular accessory that coincidentally shadows your complexion—function and style in one. We say, take cue from the royals and get thee to a milliner.

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