Best Celebrity Hairstyles


Celebrities have access to the best salons, hairdressers and products, so it's no wonder their hair is perfect! We take a look at some of the best hair in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie

There's lots to envy about Angelina (Brad Pitt, her amazing body, those full lips) but her hair is one thing we would love to have. Her long, shiny locks haven't changed much over the years but still remain healthy, bouncy and lust-worthy.

Blake Lively

It's been said she has the best hair in Hollywood, and we couldn't agree more! Blake's full-bodied, blonde tresses have just the right amount of sexy wave and always look stunning. 

Jennifer Aniston

We prefer this Friend with longer locks, but Jen's hair still has major star wattage, even when it's a few inches shorter. No one else has the golden glow and sun-kissed strands that never appear out of place.

Emma Watson

Emma's petite figure and cute outfits make her the perfect choice for a pixie cut, and she pulls this edgy style off so well! She consistently makes a shorter hairstyle look great and always knows how to style it.

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