Tutti Frutti Fingertips!


What's one way to beat the winter blues? Perking up your fingertips with cheerful fruit! Sure, the sweet snacks may not be in season, but that's not stopping these Beauties from getting inspired by mouthwatering strawberries, colorful watermelons, and perky kiwis (like cutepolish, above). Now, this is what we call food for thought!

Mary S.

Who doesn't love a handful of strawberries? To create the 3-D effect of their natural bumpy texture, Mary rimmed each white dot with a yellow line. She also curved her nail edges so each fingertip has the fruit’s shape!

Brittney W.

Brittney’s bold color choices mirror fresh, ripe watermelon slices. Opting for a French manicure format, she painted most of the surface red, then added black dots for seeds and drew on a rind at the tip of each nail.

Pam H.

Fun with citrus! Pam adorned her nails with grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime designs. She also painted bright, warm hues with white polka-dots for a party vibe. The refreshing color palette stirs up memories of cool cocktails on a summer day.

Have your own fruit-inspired designs? Upload a picture of your juicy manicure to your Beautylish page and tweet us!