Peacock Inspiration


Widely considered one of nature's most beautiful and exotic creatures, peacocks have long been a source of inspiration in the style and beauty world. With a palette of gorgeous colors and a distinct pattern, the bird's feathers can be interpreted in an endless variety of effects. One of the easiest ways to add a peacock vibe to your look is applying the bird's bright color palette to your eyes. Rim your upper and lower lashes to make your eyes really pop. See some of our favorite takes based on the feathered friend.

For the advanced nail artist, try re-creating a feather design on your tips. Opt for neon hues or cooler blue tones. Or for a subtle style, paint the print on one accent finger on each hand.

Peacock feather hair accessories are sure to make a statement. But for everyday wear, try a smaller clip, thin extensions, or headband based on the bird's design.

courtesy of pinterest

Super-long, dramatic lashes are always fun. Try the look when going to a costume party.

Tereska H. created a distinct version of the beautiful creature by using makeup all ar