Loathe or Love: Striped Eye Liner


You flick and wing like no one’s business, but have you tried other lining tricks of the trade? We’re into striping, a cool eye liner technique that color-blocks two or more lines along the lashes or even in the crease. This technique can have an eye-opening effect on smaller eyes—Marilyn Monroe sometimes double-lined her eyes with black and white. Those who fear vibrant eye color might also enjoy this technique since it has the potential to introduce bright, chromatic hues in a very subtle way. And if you’re not ready for colored liner just yet, keep the palette monochromatic with varied textures. For example, juxtapose a glossy liquid liner with a powdery black shadow for an unexpected effect.

To create a basic version of the striped eye, first line your upper lashes with black eye liner. Then take any brightly colored liner and draw a thinner line right above the first black one. Play with placement and thickness, and try experimenting on the lower lash line too. From hurried strokes to clean contrast, the design possibilities are endless with this basic technique. So do you say yes to the style? Tell us if you loathe or love this look.