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#1 scent

Right now I'm obsessed with this scent. I love fruity scents or fruity floral scents and if you do too you'll love this scent. I first recieved a sample in my Birchbox and ever since I've been hooked and had to go to Ulta and get the full size. And the bottle is so pretty, classic, and elegant. It's a scent that always brings a smile to my face :)

I have about half the colors they offer and I want to get them all. I really like these liners because they apply nice and I dont have any fallouts. The only bad thing is that I think they could improve the applicator brush its kind of scratchy. The only other draw back is for some reason just when I first apply it it itches or stings for a sec and I don't know why because after its fine and I have no issues so that might just be me I'm not sure. Other then that I like the product and I'll buy more.

Love these

I have a few of these lipsticks and I love them especially my soft nude one (the best nude i've found). These are my favorite Revlon lipsticks. They apply so creamy smooth it's great. They are also very nicely pigmented. Even the packaging is great. I love the black sleekness of the tube, and the fact that they have a color swatch on the cap as well. In general Revlon lip products are great, and I'd recommend any of them cuz they're just that great.

Great sample box

I love samples so I can try out new products. In particular I like when I can find samples of high-end products cuz who wants to dish out $30 or more for a product then come to find they dont like it. I also already like Benefit products, but I never really tried their face products so I got this sample box for $18 at Ulta to try some out. Just from this sample box I plan on buying lemon-aid and high beam in full size cuz they work great. As for the other products: the lip plump I dont think this works then again I dont have much faith in any lip plumper plus I dont really need it, the boi-ing concealer was too dark to use as under eye concealer, but I can use it to cover blemishes if needed. And the ooh la lift I used like once or twice and it was ok but I dont think I'd purchase it cuz I dont really need it. This product is also a great travel size. But other then that I love this sample box and I think more high end brands should make more of these type products out.


So I wanted to switch to cream blushes for the winter. I decided to try these ones cuz they were only a $1 you cant beat that. So I got all 6 that they offer. They are ok, they were not what I expected. I thought they would be more pigmented then they are. They apply as a sheer shimmer color. The only two that have good pigment are the toasted and pink lemonade. But I decided to try NYX cream blushes instead and I love them way more cuz they're matte and more pigmented so I'd recommend those instead.

Good throw in purse lotion

I first saw these at Ulta in the impulse tower while I was waiting to check out. I didn't even know that eos made a hand lotion just lip balm and shave gel. But I thought hey I'll give it a try cuz I really like their lip balms. I have the pink one not pictured above. I love the scent and its the perfect size to just throw in your purse. It is also very moisturizing, but the only draw back is that you do have to reapply it after just an hour or two.

These candles are great the best I've bought anyway. Within 5minutes of lighting them you can actually smell the candle. With most candles I've had it takes a while before you actually smell something and your room is filled with the scent, so I like that they're fast working. They offer a great selection of sents and different sizes to pick from as well. My only complaint is that I did get 1 candle that got sicking after 15mins of burning. Since the smell does fill the room fast it just got too over whelming and gave me a headache. Other then that 1 downfall I love them.

I really like this palette for multiple reasons. One is that the whole look comes in 1 palette eyes, cheeks, and lips. Two is that it shows you how to create the look if your just starting out. Three the colors are very pigmented. Four the colors lasts all day. And five they apply real nice.

This is my go to coral blush. It lasts all day and has a great color pay off. I love wearing it with a nude lip and brown eye it just gives your cheeks a warm tropical look. I'll be sad when I hit pan.


I love this scrub. It smells good and works great and a little goes a long way. Last winter my skin got real dry, so to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time I used this scrub I found at Ulta and I fell in love with it and I'll reperchase it.

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