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Davia G.
One of My Favorite All In One Kits

I cannot brag about this kit enough.. This kit has been one of my favorite go-to's for the past several years! This is a mini-aresnal of must-haves to battle against dark circles, blotches, splotches, dents ,dings , red things, white things all kinds of unwanted things! They cover the toughest of problems without making you look like you applied wall spackle or bondo to your face.. and the Moon Beam is essential to giving you a glow to die for! Moon Beam is on of my all time favorites to highlight several areas on my face (cheekbones,browbones) with a light sheer pink grown-up shimmer! Great way to try out several of benefit's most popular products or to have a travel kit for on the go-touch up's!

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Angela s.
Great sample box

I love samples so I can try out new products. In particular I like when I can find samples of high-end products cuz who wants to dish out $30 or more for a product then come to find they dont like it. I also already like Benefit products, but I never really tried their face products so I got this sample box for $18 at Ulta to try some out. Just from this sample box I plan on buying lemon-aid and high beam in full size cuz they work great. As for the other products: the lip plump I dont think this works then again I dont have much faith in any lip plumper plus I dont really need it, the boi-ing concealer was too dark to use as under eye concealer, but I can use it to cover blemishes if needed. And the ooh la lift I used like once or twice and it was ok but I dont think I'd purchase it cuz I dont really need it. This product is also a great travel size. But other then that I love this sample box and I think more high end brands should make more of these type products out.

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Katie W.
So rad

I bought this & used it down to the last smidge of concealer in the pots, and the last drop in the little tubes. SCRAPED CLEAN! I adore this. Have since bought several of the products full-size. I'm a sucker for little palettes & collections tho :)

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Ashley C.
Great try me box for medium skin tones, not fair.

The week (few years ago) this cute mini launched i ran to sephora and picked it up, With my high hopes i wanted to love this like every other benefit product. I was let down... I was very happy i got to try this out and the products in it since i was new to benefit. I purchased mine at my local sephora for i believe around $20 Here’s my thoughts:

-Cute Packaging, small travel size minis perfect for on the go -Lemon aid was amazing & made my lids primed and awake. i purchased a full size after i hit pan on this palette actually! -Concealer was 2 shades to dark for my fair skin so it dried up and was never used, but i did like the consistency of the product -Lip plump never stayed and i stopped using due to i felt like i was preapply my lip products more with it under, it was weird. -High Beam- LOVE IT always have, so i was happy to get a travel size -ooh la lift i was super excited about trying and since it was a mini hey! travel size! It worked well but i did end up using it more as a luminizer or brow highlight

In the end i was happy with most of the products, some just missed the mark with me due to the fact that i couldn’t use the concealer & the lip plump wasn’t my thing. BUT i do HIGHLY recommend picking up Confessons of a Concealaholic Diary box by benefit!! its basically this box but better done and only a few more bucks! Benefit always seems to get it right.

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Vanessa W.

I adore this so much! First of all, look at it! I mean, it's SO adorable and I've gotten so many envious raves from friends about it. It's just so cute. Lol.

Second, the products itself. I love all of it, i've gotten use out of every item! Such a fan.

Megan Y.
Love this!

I kept this in my makeup bag (which had to be very small) that I took to work. Breaks were few and far between, so I needed something for quick touch ups and such. This set is SO GREAT for just that. This set and a little powder compact, and gloss and I was set for the whole work day.

Amanda K.
secret weapon

especially if youd rather not lug around a whole buttloada products in your bag.. this is terrific.. its got all the best products by benefit, its actually what convinced me to buy them individually!