Hand Lotion


Kassondra B.

I'm meticulous about my skincare, so over the years I've used a lot of products. I found my eos lotion in a dollar store so it was an easy and inexpensive purchase. I could really take or leave eos' lotion or shaving lotion. It works, it's worth the price, but I have used superior products that I prefer.

Clover H.

The packaging is cute, and the smell is amazing, but I didn't find it very moisturizing after a while. But it has great price point, so I guess it's ok to put in office for usage after hand wash.

Kaitlin W.
Super hand cream💞💞

It's super cute and smells good 😚 I like how it leaves your hand super soft and stuff since it's filled with vitamins and Shea butter (FUN- it's like a mini party for you hands🎊🎉) try it out its great!!!!

Ella M.

I love this product! It comes in a variety of scents. It can easily fit into your purse or pocket. It is super moisturizing and smells great! I love these!

Ariana G.
Works Efficiently

I love the smell of these. They're decently priced and perfect to use right before you go to sleep, because when you wake up, your hands are perfectly moisturized! It also lasts for such long time. Really, the smallest amount will moisturize ur hands. The packaging is also thing and practical for your purse.

Sophie C.
Strong smell

The lotion is soft, moisturizing, and comes in cute, convenient packaging but the scent is strong and doesn't smell good. I have tried fresh flowers and (I think) cherry blossom. I wish the scent was better. I love eos products but don't really recommend this.

Bailey F.

I think that these are really good! They smell amazing! A little bit goes a long way for me! Very moisturizing! I recommend these! And they are a good size to stick in a small place!

Isabella P.

My skin has always been super sensitive, not many moisturizers actually work for me and help my dry skin but this does! It's not greasy, it has a light scent and leaves your hands feeling like a baby's bum! highly recommended!:)

Amelia M.
Love this hand lotion

I keep this in my purse all the time. It moisturizes my hands and it isn't too greasy. It's nice and thin. You can even probably for it in your Jean pocket 😂😂 if you really wanted to. Other than that I love them a lot

Sophiaskye V.

Love this so much I go it the other day and I think it is so moisturizing and I feel it is really great!! I give this a 5 out of 5 I really recommend it to people with dry hands