NYX Cosmetics

Candy Glitter Liner


Jes T.

I got Red and "Mocha Latte" Glitter liner in the NYX glitter holiday collection, and theyre my favorite things it came with :) Fun for parties, NYX always has the best glitter.

Courtney C.
My newest obsession/addiction!

For months I been wanting to buy myself a glittery liquid eyeliner because I haven't owned one in years. Other then buying a concealer or a mascara, ETC when I run out, I haven't bought myself any special new makeup in ages either. One day, I was at my local Giant Eagle supermarket when I came upon the NYX cosmetics display and was awed by the Candy Glitter Liner. And was really awed by the price of only 3.99. That's pretty affordable. But I didn't buy any right away because I was running short on the money until pay day and every dollar counted. When I got paid again, it was a pretty expensive week so I had to seriously watch the money before buying the eyeliner. I managed my money pretty well and was happy when I counted and realized that I had plenty to afford a few of these eye liners and still have the money for the things I need. So, I hurried to Giant Eagle and bought some! I should say that I couldn't wait for a ride and I walked five miles to the store to get it. I picked up four of them; blue, passion, french silk, and disco ball. It took me a while before deciding on the four shades to buy! I was so excited that after paying for them, I ran into the restroom and applied the blue right then and there. That evening, my friend told me that the next day, she'd be treating me to dinner. With the fact that I didn't have to pay for my food, I ran back to Giant Eagle the next day and bought two more; Disco Queen and Jade Green. This eyeliner is awesome and I will probably be wearing it everyday until I run out. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm on a super tight budget, I'd purchase all the other shades right now. But instead, I'll collect them over time. I've noticed that the current shade selection in the store is actually a little different then what's shown on this site. Were some discontinued? I really wanted the Green to wear for St Patricks day. Though I normally am not comfortable with the idea of hot pink or red makeup on my eyes, I am totally interested in trying the shades Hot Candy and Red. My new favorite beauty product!

Aasheianaa L.
Love it

Who wud not like glitter???? Recently bought the Gold, Crystal and Green one. They apply really well, and stay on pretty long. Dont smudge all that much. After about 3-4 hours maybe if you have an oily lid like me. its a lot of fun.

Angela s.

I have about half the colors they offer and I want to get them all. I really like these liners because they apply nice and I dont have any fallouts. The only bad thing is that I think they could improve the applicator brush its kind of scratchy. The only other draw back is for some reason just when I first apply it it itches or stings for a sec and I don't know why because after its fine and I have no issues so that might just be me I'm not sure. Other then that I like the product and I'll buy more.

Tiffany F.
adds pop

I love this. If you keep your shadow on the dark side and matte and then add it on top of your eyeliner it really makes it stand out. The colors are really bright and out there so you can always find a color you str looking for. You can even mix a few together and get a really cool 3d type look.

Elena L.
Pretty but difficult to apply

Pros: Affordable, looks amazing Cons: Takes forever to dry, brush doesn't grip product

I have this in Disco Queen, Green, and Gold. They are all breathtakingly beautiful. They do show up very glittery on the lid even from afar. However, my Asian lids tend to fold under themselves. The long dry time on these means that they get smudged sooner or later, every single time. The brush on these is also made of some weird plasticky fibre that doesn't grip the product well. You have to dip the brush several times to get a good amount of glitter on it. However, I will keep using this product for its sheer prettiness.

Angel H.


Mary S.

NYX Candy Glitter Liners are a brightly colored, clear gel based glitter liner. I purchased some of these from Ulta, some from Giant Eagle, all for $3.99, except Disco Queen which I got for free during a NYX sale. I have seven colors to review:

Jade Green: Green-teal with silver and gold glitter.

Baby Pink - Soft pink with purple, pink, blue, and silver glitter.

Disco Queen - Black with rainbow glitter.

Red - Red with silver, red and yellow glitter.

Tangerine - Orangey-Peach with silver, yellow, and orange glitter.

Hot Yellow - Neon yellow with gold, yellow, and green glitter.

Hot Green - Neon Green with gold, yellow, and green glitter.

I really like NYX's Candy Glitter Liners. They're a fun way to make a look brighter, and add a bit of sparkle. These are fairly pigmented for being clear based. They have enough color and glitter to be worn alone, but look even better when layered over a color similar to the glitter's, or over a black liner. They're a very consistent product. The only one I've tried that isn't very pigmented is Tangerine. The packaging for these eyeliners is really cute. They come in a chubby, clear tube with a black cap and tassel. A lot of people are annoyed by the tassel, but I don't find that it gets in the way. You get a lot of product, 10 grams, so these will last you a while. I get all day wear from these, with little to no glitter fall out. I don't find them hard to apply like some do. The brush does tend to splay but its easily reshaped with your fingers. I recommend these glitter liners. Like most NYX products, these have great quality and value. And are really cute =D.

Best of the bunch: Disco Queen

Worst of the bunch: Tangerine

Gauzer V.

These are wonderful! I love them and I only bought two. I'm planning to buy more.

I have crystal and blue. I wear it over my black eyeliner and it turned out wonderful! Totally worth the price and cheaper than urban decay.

Andrea F.
Love these!

I wasn't expecting much when I tried these glitter liners, but they ended up being one of my favorite products from NYX. They add just enough glitter without being too over the top. They aren't overly pigmented colorwise, but are definitely great quality for the price.

My only problem was with the applicator brush. I've had issues with the brush getting a little.. deformed looking and it makes it tough to use.