Kate Spade

Twirl By Kate Spade


Rachel T.
My Signature Scent

Kate Spade Twirl is Beautiful! It is perfect for summer, and is light and sweet. This scent is very youthful and fun without being obnoxious or smelling like a 5 year old. I am always asked what I am wearing, as well as complimented when wearing this scent. Not to mention the packaging is TO DIE FOR! It is a fun and flirty scent, and is perfect for day and night. Kate Spade Twirl is my new Signature Scent.

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Angela s.
#1 scent

Right now I'm obsessed with this scent. I love fruity scents or fruity floral scents and if you do too you'll love this scent. I first recieved a sample in my Birchbox and ever since I've been hooked and had to go to Ulta and get the full size. And the bottle is so pretty, classic, and elegant. It's a scent that always brings a smile to my face :)