Concrete Minerals

Queen - Pro Matte Eyeshadows


Bailey B.
Can these even be real?!

I purchased a set of 8 pro matte shades and was worried I made a mistake since I didn't know the brand well enough. I've never been so wrong in my life! The color of this purple, is literally perfection. I can't even begin to think of a color so similar that is so opaque and rich. For $8.00, you CAN NOT go wrong with these eyeshadows. Add Visine in the lip of these bad boys and have a VIBRANT eyeliner- more bang for your $$! Xx

Victoria D.

This color is amazing. It's a perfect purple. Not too blue-based, and not too red-based. There is nothing sheer about any of these pro-matte colors, they're completely opaque and blend like a DREAM. This color is by far my favorite out of the bunch though. If you can't decide which pro-matte color to try first, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one!

Shanell B.

This is so pretty. Purple is my favorite color too. It is so regal and the pigmentation is so there(All the shadows have amazing pigmentation). I used this alone and also under a silver mineral eye shadow and the effect was so unexpected and lovely.