Beauty Product Reviews

I LOVE IT... It doesn't make you eyelashes feel hard. No clumping. I haven't had any flaking. It is a natural product. VERY affordable. ....but I think I fell even more in love with their new Jumbo Lash Mascara

I found this lipstick very moisturizing, and very pigmented. I don't the the diamond like shape of the actual lipstick. I agree with Ginger C below these are very pigmented.

I love these mineral blushes, great price, great color pay off. I picked up Mai Tai, Sun Set Beach, and Sunset. If you are into Peach, Pinkey, Corally blushers you will love these.

I have used this product for over 5 years, it is great. It isn't to harsh on the skins, it leaves my skin feeling clean and very soft afterwards.

This product l left my hair shiny and soft, and very manageable. I got mine for $5 which is a great price for the amout of product you get. This has become one of my staple hair products :)

This is one of those product I can not do without. I love it! I have had it for months and am no where close to running out. I love the light fruity scent it.

I am sooooo addicted to these liners... everytime I am in the beauty supply store I grab at least one, two...or three. this are awesome alone, as color based, and as liners, The assortment of color is awesome!

I love these cream blushes these also have been added to my staple products. My absolute favorite is the orange shade it give my cheeks such a soft pretty glow.

Just like their NYX eye shadow I love these! I also use some of these colors as a eye shadow color. Great color pay off. I am also a huge fan of the price!

These are great eyeshadow... alot of the can be are consider to be MAC dupes which I LOVE! The are very pigmented, and are a great price! Some of these I even used as a blusher :)

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