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Hit and Miss

It was alright. It worked some days and then some days it didn't. I would try it under my makeup, over my makeup, and then when I would sweat. I live in Houston and its HOT! Its alright of a product.

hmmm....I'M NOT SURE

I got this on sale from target during december. I brought it, took it home, and then it broke. I used it one time and it broke on me. I'm not sure if I would buy this product again because it did break on me...

Not so great for dark skinned people

I'm not the easiest person to find a shade for. I'm not dark nor am I light so I'm some where in the middle. This foundation would've been great if more shades where out there for middle toned people. Its good looking makeup...

Acne prone stay away!!!

If you are acne prone please stay away from this product. You're putting yourself at risk of breaking out even more. I know it some what cheaper than other primers but it breaks you out. So keep all your milk money and buy something better because you deserve to keep your skin clear. =)


Only makeup remover I keep buying and have multiple packs in the bathroom. I love the way it takes my makeup off without leaving any signs of makeup. Its great near the eyes also. I usually get the blue one but the light blue green one is awesome, also. It keeps acne at a bay because your pores are getting cleaned.

Test and Trial

I tried this one time and I disliked it for multiple reasons. I said I would give it a chance when I saw them on sale. A lady at the drug store told me apply top coat before you apply and then apply top coat on top. I did that method and it lasted about 10 days. I kept buying them getting complaints on my nail swag. I just wish that more options where available because I'm getting tired of the old ones.

What beautiful skin you

I hear that at least twice a day when I wear my MSN. I love this product from Mac...its a staple in my makeup box. I really haven't been able to find anything that gives me such beautiful color. I would pay the prices for the look it gives me in a heartbeat.

One-by-one they all go marching,lol.

I like this mascara! I think its amazing for the eyelashes. It takes my lashes from skinny to full because of the one-by-one action. It coats and perfects gives each lash special attention so no lash is left behind. If you haven't tried the product...try it.

Tanji Orange makes me orange for more

I love the prices on these nail polishes. These nail polishes do last a long time on my nails and toe-nails. My favorite is Tanji Orange. Its very beautiful for the brightens the toe-nails.

its okay

I love lip balm. I don't really like lipstick for someone who is addicted to makeup...lipstick is not my favorite. I was disappointed with this. Its so cute and easy to locate but not so great on the lips. The eos bottle or holder is extremely big for my lips. I feel like I have to keep applying over and over to get enough on my lips. I feel weird when I'm still applying balm for 3 minutes and I'm getting no where. Its cute though.....

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