Smoky Shadow Blast


Kristen A.
Should've saved my money.

I saw all the advertisements for this and I thought "Wow... that looks cool", so I went out to get one. I wasn't happy when I saw they wanted something like $7 or $8 for it... but I got it anyway. Let me just say, don't trust the advertisements, lol. They definitely did not use this product at ALL on Drew Barrymore. The color payoff was nonexistent and it creased almost instantly. Even with a primer it seemed to just melt off very shortly after application. I used it a second time to give it another chance and the same turn out. I do not recommend you purchase this product. Save your money and get a Revlon Cream Eyeshadow quad!

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Amanda L.

There is NO WAY that you could wear these without them creasing. The idea that these can be worn by themselves is ridicolous!

Even with eyeshadows on top of them, they still wont last long.

Don't waste your money.

But if you already have purchsed one, the purple color can be used on the lips very nicely (:

They actually work better on the lips then the eyes!

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Nancy-Lee C.
I say hello, you say goodbye!

I own 5 of these. I couldn't resist - they are only $8 for a duo! The sticks are thick, so they are easy to hold and control. I like the pointed tip on the liner end, it's simple precision. You can blend them too, so you can create your own colour combinations. They are great for travel because you don't have to worry about a powder breaking in your makeup bag.

Now for my con: They do not stick around very long. Even with an eyeshadow primer, they find a way to work off of my lids and in to my crease fast. super frustrating. I will not rebuy.

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Avneesh P.
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Margaret M.
If it was longer lasting, it would be perfect!

I reviewed this one for Yahoo Shine as a Beauty Guru. I loved the color combo and the concept. It also goes on reallys smooth. However, its not highly pigmented - meaning you could barely see it on me and without a primer, it won't make through the day.

Gabrielle L.
Don't stay long, but still

What can I say? I got them creasing after a short period of time. I own three colors and they all do it. However, I love the colors and they're also easy to use. Not perfect for a hot summer day, but I like them anyway.

Shelby S.
Okay Base.

I was so excited for these when they first came out so I had to get one. When I used it like it directed on the packaging it looked like a mess. The colors blended together too much not "defining" any part of the eye like a smokey eye does. Not to mention it creases like crazy, My purple side broke within the first few days of working with it, so that was another let down. The only thing I have found the Smokey Shadow Blast good for is to use it as a color base before eye shadow.

Emilie N.
Hate Hate Hate.

I was very excited to get my hands on this! Then when i first used it, THE STICK BROKE AND FELL OFF!! I hate it alot. i managed to 'fix' it and i tried using it and after about wearing it for 30 minutes, it already started creasing. Dont buy this, no matter how beautiful the colors are.

Shinu G.
hmmm....I'M NOT SURE

I got this on sale from target during december. I brought it, took it home, and then it broke. I used it one time and it broke on me. I'm not sure if I would buy this product again because it did break on me...

Haley P.
Photo of product included with review by Haley P.

I bought this item in "Citrus Flair" a year ago- before I saw all the reviews on how bad it creased. At that time I did not know about setting all creamy liquid products with a powder. I was so confused as to why it would crease even when I applied an eye shadow primer. I stopped using it for quite some time because I was fed up with it's staying power. It was very disappointing because the colors were gorgeous! So what do I use this product for now? I use it as a base. After applying a primer I will apply a small amount of the green or copper and blend it out. Over that I use shadow and I find that there is very little creasing after an eight hour work day (although other cream products I use provide zero creasing). Whats unfortunate is that this product is advertised to be used alone. Drew Barrymore is shown applying this and having the perfect smoky eye all night...I would never recommend that. Not only with this product but with any cream shadows. I'm sure that I am not alone being someone who picked this up thinking it would be a one-step product with amazing results. It's quite shocking that they have been advertising it the same way for over a year now considering all the bad reviews this product gets. Would I repurchase this product? Yes, if I found it on clearance because for around $6 it is not worth it. Because of the false advertising and disappointment with this product I have also shied away from all other products in the ShadowBlast line. Overall I would give this product 2.5 out of 5 stars. It's not a totally unusable product, but in no way can you use it for what it's intended for.