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Something not worth trying

Its one of those products that you read about and you finally decided to buy the product. I brought it, applied it, and hated it. It made my skin break out. Its very smooth and in a way kind of weird for a primer. I was expecting something soft and smooth not just plain smooth. Won't be buying this again...

My first try...

I got a sample of this product today, and i'm enjoying it so far. I used it under my mat finished and it looked beautiful. I'm not fully ready for a big bottle but I might be...keep y'all posted.

Not enough dark shades

I wish this product had more options for dark skinned people. I think say may have one for dark skinned people. Dark people are not one shade! I just don't understand why makeup companies believe that dark skin comes in one shade. (Rant...sorry)

It breaks easilly

I wish it wouldn't break easily. I probably have brought three in less than 6 months. I apply my sensual skin Kevin acquino with it. I always feel like I have sponge particles on me. If it didn't break it would be awesome.

Allergic to retinol

If you're allergic to retinol, please stay away from this product. You may only use a little but you will break out. I wish it didn't have retinol because it probably would be awesome. Hopefully they come out with one without retinol

It looks like my skin

Something about this being matte scared me because I have dry skin. It being matte is beautiful for dry skin. I asked for a sample at sephora, and I been wearing it under my MSF and it looks beautiful. I brought my own bottle today. Let's hope it stays beautiful.... =)


So I brought this product recently, and I love it. It makes my hair super soft, and shiny. Shavon A (, helped me to understand I don't have to put heat on the mask for it to work, Thank you Shavon! I probably will be buying this from now on....


I was on a hunt for foundation to cover a skin burning. Walking around, this lady asked me if I wanted to try Aucoin. I said sure why not. Good thing I did. I been using this product for over two years now. I love how it easy to cover anything. Makes my skin look airbrushed. I even have an airbrush system that does nothing compared to this makeup. Sensual skin enhancer is probably one of my favorite foundation out there. Its so amazing.


I got this as a sample at Sephora I used it on my lips, cause i wasn't that similar with benefit. my lips looked stunning as soon as i used it. Bare Eccentuals has this lipgloss called 100 percent natural lipgloss. This one lasts all day and gives you a natural glossy look this is my 1st place lipgloss. The benefit one still is AMAZING!


Must have staple in your makeup box. You can do so many creative ideas with vaseline. When my eyeshadow breaks, I take a cd, put the eyeshadow on the cd and vaseline and mix...I just created a creamy shadow.

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