Beauty Product Reviews

Love, Love, Love!

I really love these! I have the Summer Fruit, and I wish I had the whole collection honestly. They are super smooth on your lips, I could apply this lip balm for hours! They smell so summery and fruity:) I am defiantly buying more, and I totally recommend them!

Adore This

I love this lip balm, my friend got it for me for Christmas...and I fell in love! It just soothes that dryness away while it is just so smooth and comforting! Love this lip balm tones!

I love this mascara! I would definitely buy more of these! They bring out my eyes, and make my eyelashes look so long and beautiful not like any other mascara I have ever owned. My friend actually gave me this for my birthday and I love it so much! I am seriously going to be buying more! I just adore and love this mascara so much!


These aren't frustrating to use, instead of those smaller elastics that break easily. I love these, they last months and I get tones of them for such a reasonable price! I am in love with these!

Love This!

I love this soup bar! Why get high end face washes, when this stuff works just as good! I use this for washing my face and this really effects my skin, my pores are looking beautiful and my skin is just so soft! I've been using this for about a year now, and my skin has just been looking more gorgeous than ever!


This mascara isn't my favorite, it clumps up easily within the first few months. Although, those months were great my eyelashes looked great, but as I said before it clumps up easily. Overall, I wouldn't buy it again. This is only my opinion though, and for other people it worked but for me it just wasn't made for my lashes.

Love This!

Absolutely love this perfume! My friend actually has this, and whenever I'm at her house thats what I smell whenever I walk into her room. It smells absolutely amazing, and so elegant. I just love it so much, I wish I could get a bottle myself!

Absolutely Adore This!

I adore this perfume! It just smells so fresh, and elegant. I wear it absolutely every day of the week..although I'm almost all out of it! It is just smells so delicious and inviting. And absolutely perfect for occasions to attend, summer picnics at the cottage, going to school/work, just everything goes so perfectly with this perfume. This perfume can bring the room alive for me, absolutely love it!


I absolutely love this lip balm! I wear it in the spring a lot, especially with summer dress's, shorts, a cute t-shirt, etc. When I don't feel like wearing lipstick, this is the first thing I reach for! I definitely recommend this for anyone, and especially for people who totally love lip balm.