Ouchless Hair Elastics


Delaney C.

I use them every single day! when you buy new ones, they're not very stretchy and very small, just stretch them out and use them, then they will be easy to use with a nice hold!

Kendra H.
Love These

Best hair ties I've ever tried. There are plenty of knockoff brands but none last as long or are as gentle on hair as these are! I have very sensitive hair so these are great for me. They don't tug and it's easy to get them out no matter what hairstyle I have going on! You aren't going to get a better tie than this!

Katrina K.

The name is accurate, it is definetly "ouchless". I find they don't stretch very far and can only really wrap it around my hair twice, but it does not get caught in my hair and doesn't pull:) So if you're looking for a basic elastic, this is the way to go!

Amelia M.
Buy these all the time!

These are great! I keep purchasing them! Sometimes they will break and it gets annoying after a while. I've only had 3 break in the time I first bought them. Other than that I think these ponytail holders are amazing :)

Julianna R.

I've always bought these ones and I find them so inconsistent. Sometimes they are just fine, perfectly stretchy. But then you get one that doesn't stretch past like 2 inches.(Definitely not an exact measurement.) SO I can hardly get it around my pony twice, without it breaking, when I'm usually a 3 times girl. Anyone else find this?

Emily H.

These aren't frustrating to use, instead of those smaller elastics that break easily. I love these, they last months and I get tones of them for such a reasonable price! I am in love with these!

Natalie H.

I love these, I have been using them for a while now and think I am in love! They are so nice and soft and just "goody". They lasted a LONG time for me (unlike some other hair bands). They are a great price for what you are getting and they never pull out my hair!

Alex V.

I've gotta say that these work the best on my hair by far. They are simple black elastics that don't have metal (they do not pull out hair!) These work for both thin and thick hair! Are petty long lasting, well.. atleast for me! I love these! Hope this helped!!

Alexa S.
True to Statement

The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because I have to use two to hold my hair up because these are small and my hair is really thick.

Julianne J.
A Classic

These are the ultimate hair-ties. I grew up with the Goody elastics- they've always been a staple, my whole life. I love how these come in different color packs, and texture styles. They can be stretched out over time and not immediately snap (well, sometimes :D) I love matching my hair ties to my MU or outfit. These will last forever and you get plenty in one pack, plus they aren't super expensive. I recently chopped all my hair off, but I had dreads and these were great for holding all that weight up, in a high bun or a bun on the nape/back of head. I'll use them when my hair grows out, and probably the rest of my life! <3