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I got this product in my glam bad and fell in love with it. Very soft tip so be careful. You cant press down on them like a drug store pencil because it can break or become flaky, but once you get it down the color just POPS. I love doing bright eye looks because once i add the 24/7 glide-on pencil it will brighten and bring out any look i do.

High end in color, but not in price :)

i love how this product is get for my wallet, but it doesnt skip on the color just like any product from this company. I use alot of Nyx products in my tuturals because of the great color and they are eazy to work with. From bright to dark and every color in between you will never have a bad buy.

NIce color and very smooth

I have alot of this type to lipsticks. My Favorites are Iris, Georgia, and Harmonica. I wear them just about everyday. It gose on so smooth and its very creamy so you get a nice shine and no need for a lip blam or anything. I think i have more of this lipstick then lancome ones. Tons of fab colors and very budget friendly too.

Smells nice

I got this in my glam bag for this month. I used the clay mask one all the time so i was like why not. It didnt peel off. I had to scrub it off. It left my face feeling very oily and now i keep breaking out so bad and i never break out. maybe like once every 2-3 i break out, but never this bad. so it was really a miss in the glam bag.

the best for the price

i find this works the same as cover girl only you get more for your buck because its bigger and deeper then compacks. It doesnt come in too many colors, but if you can find one to fit you then go for it!

love it

i love anything that will get me the look of london. this made a difference in my lashes. Very little clumpping. The lash brush was very different then what i am used to, but that was ok. Used to by it all the time, but they stopped selling it at my walgreens. :(

too big of a brush

After i saw the ad for it i wanted to try it. I got it and was not happy. the brush was too big and didnt get into the inner parts of my lashes. OMG i cant tell you about the clumpping. I know all mascaras do that, but i never had one do it this bad, I couldnt even run and lash comb though it. just a bad buy.

too dry

the color does last all day, but it drys up after a few minutes. Then it starts to flake bad. i couldnt put enough gloss over it to keep it from drying. This was the 2nd time i tried this product. The 1st time was when they first had come out. Sorry ladies dont waste your money, just buy a lipstick or stain and be done with it.

2nd best

i mostly use air brush because its better for my skin type, but this is the best when i dont have the money for the air brush makeup. It controls my oily skin and it gose on smooth.

love it, but way too high

i love this product. i use it as face paint because i find that its way too creamy to be used as a shadow. The colors are very easy to mix and apply to the face. Comes off easy with soap and water. Great for any look you wanna do. The only down side is that its $95 so i have to save up for it when i run out. :(

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