Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask


Kaylee D.
Love it!

When u peel it off it leaves ur skin feeling very smooth! It's cleared up my skin so much! Definite yes! If u do not let it dry long enough it can be kind if challenging to get it off, but other than that this product is amazing

Beatriz N.

okay so i guess this is one of those love or hate products i personally love it! READ THE DIRECTIONS & please DON'T put it on your side burns or eye brows it will rip your hair of and it will be painful. it drys pretty quick unless you put a lot of the product on. A small amount can go a long way. As long as you know how to use it right you'll be okay and don't forget to moisturize your face when you're done!(:

Angelica S.
Slimy and Hard to Peel

I tried both this mask and the apricot mud mask that goes with it. Neither of these products did much for my skin at all, and were extremely difficult to peel off. I ended up having to just rinse them off, which left a very slimy, sticky feeling on my face that wouldn't come off until I exfoliated. Would be willing to give it another shot, but first impression really wasn't all that great.

Jordyn D.
Freeman's Is A Life Saver!

I have this mask and it is great! My personal favorite, however, is their Dead Sea mask. Both really clean out my pores, but I personally prefer the Dead Sea one

Bonnie W.
alright, i like it but nothing special

this did leave my skin feeling nice and refreshed, and with its low price its definatelty something fun to do everyday. it peeled off nicely but it does nothing for my skin. it didnt remove anything but oil and i saw no difference long term as well, however i do use this as a nice refresher before i do my makeup for a special event xx

Rachelle-Denise  M.

I love peel-off masks, they are one of my all time favorite beauty/skincare products. This is a wonderful add to a bedtime routine because of it's scent. The cucumber aroma/extract is so embedded that it cools and calms both body and mood. It's a great refresher for this spring and summer!

Rida S.
its just okay!

i have tried using up the whole tibe but it didnt work for my oily just doesnt makes any noticeable difference..just cleans it up a tad its too messy to apply n take off!

Elyssa L.
love it

it's smells amazing and it's works wonders for you're skin. once u peel off the mask and wash ur face you can really tell how smooth your skin feels after

Richy D.
Love it!

La verdad llevo poco tiempo usandolo pero ya noto la diferencia!! Deja mi piel limpia, clara y huele divino! Ademas de que previene los puntos negros... Es excelente y muy economica!

Sarah W.

I love this product because it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and smells amazing each time I peel it off it cleans my pores so well and it does what it says it will do