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Tiffany F.
High end in color, but not in price :)

i love how this product is get for my wallet, but it doesnt skip on the color just like any product from this company. I use alot of Nyx products in my tuturals because of the great color and they are eazy to work with. From bright to dark and every color in between you will never have a bad buy.

Mary S.
Pretty sparkly teal.

NYX's Eyeshadow in Lagoon Sparkle (#37A) is a shimmery, green based teal. NYX Shadows are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and made in China. I purchased this shadow at Ulta for $2.25 during a buy one, get one half off sale. Packaging is a small, black, sturdy, square plastic compact that flips open. I love the square shape of these. It's something different in the vast sea of round single shadows. As said in previous reviews, these shadow's packaging is recyclable and quite sturdy. I've dropped one multiple times with no damage to product or packaging. I also like how firmly these snap closed, with out being difficult to open. Win. Lagoon Sparkle is a really pretty shade in the pan and when applied. It's very shimmery, with small glitters with a hint of a metallic finish if you really pack it on. It's a fun color to play around with. I think it would suit pretty much any skin tone. It's a green based teal, but in the pan it could pass for a light emerald green. It reminds me a little bit of a lighter version of Temptalia's MAC Eyeshadow; Jealousy Wakes. Lagoon Sparkle isn't a particularly wearable color, as far as work appropriate looks go, but I find it to be quite versatile for bright looks. It's an easy color to pair up, it works well with yellows, purples, reds, and tans. Lagoon Sparkle has a texture that rivals high end shadows. Velvety soft, but not powdery at all. Even the slightest touch picks up a lot of color. It applies well over bare skin and primer, but really pops over a white or green base. Lagoon Sparkle blends well. The color goes on a little bit light, but can easily be build up or sheered out, depending on the look you're going for. Wear time is an excellent 8+ hours with no creasing or fading at all over a primer. I can't speak for how it performs without a primer. Despite having a good amount of shimmer with some large glitters, Lagoon Sparkle creates little fall out if patted on the lid carefully. I recommend Lagoon Sparkle if you're into sparkly bright colors, or want to try out some. It's a fun shadow to wear that would look good on just about anybody. Like most NYX shadows, it's great quality, especially for the $5 price tag. While I don't see myself working my way through an entire pan, if I ever do, I would repurchase this pretty teal shadow.

Sunshine Girl  U.
Love this color!

I haven't tried any other of the singe colors from NYX yet. I saw this color in the store and HAD to have. The only thing with this color is you have to have a light/white base because it doesn't just show up on the "Plain" eyelid. So your better off putting your primer - White eyeshadow base -THEN this color. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't all that pigmented all on its own - but i still wear it almost every day.