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Tiffany F.
love it

i love anything that will get me the look of london. this made a difference in my lashes. Very little clumpping. The lash brush was very different then what i am used to, but that was ok. Used to by it all the time, but they stopped selling it at my walgreens. :(

Leah R.
Didn't do it for me, at all!

I needed a new mascara and this was the cheapest Rimmel one, so i picked it up on a whim. I wore it for a bit and it just didn't do anything for me so i put it in my drawer of eye makeup. One day i decided to give it another go. It was fine for the day but flakey. That night i noticed my eyes were really red and itchy. I took my makeup off cause that normally does the trick because i have sensitive eyes. My eyes just got redder, turned out i had gotten conjuntivitis! Had to take eye drops and was told not to use makeup for a couple of days and throw away what i had been using. To say the least i was disgusted and haven't bought a Rimmel mascara since! Completely turned me off the brand!

Angela V.

I have tried a lot of mascara but Im not sure that it does what it says it does. I have had other mascaras make my lashes way longer than this stuff has. It is a good mascara dont get me wrong but I guess everyones lashes are different.

Veronica S.

For ME not so great because I have big lashes and this one doesn't curl them This mascara work best for does who have small (Short) lashes. It can separate them and make them look longer so if you have short eyelashes go for this one! and Have fun :D

Lauren H.

It was good but i dont think it made them 3 x lash. It went on good was a nice black black and it didn't clump which is always nice.

Jenna G.
dried out within a week

I bought this and the first time i used it i loved it. I put the mascara back with all my others ( i have a mascara shopping addiction) and used it a week later and it was completely dries out like i had had it for months. I never left the top open or anything ???

Kaitlyn K.

Makes my eye lashes so much longer! And it also makes my eye lashes thicker! The brush is so great! You could use it for day or night! The formula is a little dry and gets old. Thanks for reading! Youtube Name: mizzmakeupguru