Beauty Product Reviews

One brand that I cannot say anything bad about! I have 4 of their nail polishes and starting today, I'm going to start buying more! I have love nails, 24/7, purple diamonds, and mint apple. I love them all especially 24/7 the HOTTEST pink ever.

Great. Hard Candy gets 5 stars on this product. Cover's up blemishes, red spots, dark circles. BUT if you have fine lines it will get in them, so make sure you set it with a powder. all in all great product & good job hard candy!.

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! I love this brush and use it everyday! I'm going to order 2 more, because its seriously a great brush. It's soft, dense, and well put together. It does take a bit longer to dry due to the amount of bristles. & it will keep soap in so you have to make sure all of it is out. Great brush and i love it.

I have 3 of these blushes. & I absolutely love them all! I have mellow mauve, peachy keen & tickled pink. They are pigmented and they work well. I would suggest these to anyone.

I like it, but I do think it got too much hype. It's not AMAZING, and I still choose Carmex over this any day, but if you're wanting to carry around a cute lip balm its a good one for that, but I think you could buy a $1.00 lip balm and it do the same thing.

I have Milk & I just ordered pots n pans! I LOVE these & they are amazing. The enhance ANY color you put on you're eyes, & I am going to collect all of them! :) They are very creamy & they blend very easily!

I use this on nights out, or when I want a more dramatic look. It does have shimmer in the blush & bronzer. I'm not too big of a fan of that. The bronzer is too dark for my skin tone, so I actually use it as an eyeshadow & it's GORGEOUS that way! But i will use this, repurchase? no I'l just buy a studio blush.

I like it, At first I was just about to throw it away, but i let it dry out a little. Tried it again & was amazed! This works really well, I'm not a big fan of wet mascara's but this is reallllly good after it drys a little :)

I got mine in porcelain, and it gives me an orange tint. I mix it with the dollar line tinted moisturizer, and I LOVE it like that, but by itself I would probably throw it away. ALSO, when I got mine it was half full of product & the rest was of air. I do like the dollar line way more than the studio line. So I wont repurchase I will just by the dollar line.

I bought strawberry creme & orange creme. I LOVE the strawberry creme, ONLY thing is it kinda leaves a whitish film look on my lips (not cute). But I love it & its moisturizing, so I just keep an eye on it, and don't put too much on at a time! NOW for the orange creme. I seriously HATE IT. It smells like chemicals, like a cleaner. Then when you taste it, it even taste like what I would image a cleaner would smell like.

Strawberry creme- 4 stars Orange Creme - 0

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