Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm

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Sara B.

I used a whole tube of this in a week! After applying it once, my lips felt completely smooth & "healed" once it had worn off. I would even put it on my lips before I went to sleep. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

Kayli H.

The only bad thing about this is that if you leave in in the car, it WILL melt.. But other than that I love these, especially the blackberry one! I recently got a limited edition three pack of these and one of the flavors was "black cherry", but it was obviously the same flavor haha. The strawberry one did leave a weird feeling on my tongue after a while though, I can't really describe it, but not that bad! AND they're only a dollar. Can't be beat!

McKenzie E.
The lip balm problem-solver.

Here's the problem I have with most lip balms: four minutes after I apply them I'm usually like 'hey, maybe I should put some more lip balm on'. My lips aren't dry, but they feel like they need the balm all the time. Here's the solution: ELF Therapeutic Conditioning lip balm. At fist swipe it feels a bit greasier than other lip balms, but it settles in better than any I've tried. If you put too much on at once you get a bit of white film, but I just rub that in with my fingers. So cheap, so effective. Once I've used up all my chapsticks I am stocking up on these.

Elaine C.

I absolutely LOVE this lip balm! I first got it in Strawberry Creme and love this soooo much and I ordered 2 more in Vanilla Creme and Orange Creme! This lip balm keeps my lips soft and moisturize all day long and all night long! I use it at night before I go to bed and in the morning my lips are still soft and moisturized! Awesome lip balm and awesome price!

Andii J.
Smell SOOOOO good!

i love this one it smells soo good, good enough to eat i love how moisturising they are so soft and leave the lips so soft too. i love the smell of the blackberry one! i could eat it haha i wouldnt put it on lots as it does come off smooth you would see it alot haha

Louise-Lesley J.
good enough to eat!

I give this 5 stars just on the smell alone! GUH! It is so amazing! I've tried all of them and the Vanilla is definitely my favourite.

Unfortunately you only put it on very lightly and not very often (there isn't a need too really) so you can't continually put it on for the smell or else you end up with very, very white lips!

Manda S.

When I remember to use this it works well. Smells good, doesn't leave a color, and doesn't taste bad if you lick your lips. It does what it's supposed to do and that makes me happy. The packaging is nice and skinny.

Andrea B.
Good for the Price

This product is only $1 which is great for some lip balm although it smells good and feels good on your lips and gives off a bit of color it doesn't really last that long. I always apply a chap stick/lip balm before putting on gloss or lipstick and this just isn't the right product for me to apply first as that base this I will probably only use as a backup or if i really need something for the moment.

Drea L.
It does what it's suppose to!

Not only does it moisturize, but it's yummy! Granted, it wont heal severely dry lips, but does work well through out the day. It's a light lip balm.

The only problem is that it leaves a very very light film of color. Not a pretty pink, just like a white film. It blends out w/ no problem, but I'd wish this wasn't an issue.

Not my HG, but it's good. :)

Ashley F.

This product was just okay, i use it and does keep my lips from getting dry and keeps them a little moisturized, but the downside is that you have to constantly reapply it because it wears off so quickly, but then again i know not to expect alot of elf products, because they are fairly cheap.