Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite!

I had a deluxe sample of this and I fell in love with it. I love the fresh yet citrus laden scent. It is a perfect body wash for the spring and summer! It is very bubbly while only needing to use a small amount.

Very Versatile

The quality of these shadows is just like all of the shadows from theBalm. Buttery and pigmented. This palette has a very neutral feel to it, but has a few colors that can be applied as a pop of color. Many different looks can be achieved since the color range hits across the board. I really like this palette, and would recommend it!

Pretty good product

I liked that this product is silicone free and instead uses natural moisturizers. With that being said, it doesn't make your hair feel as smooth as those with silicone do. I would, however, pick the more natural product. It made my hair tangle free, which is what is most important in a conditioner for me.

My favorite primer

I feel like silicone breaks my skin out, so I turned to this. I like it for its moisturizing properties and feel its more like a face lotion than an actual primer. It smells fruity and fresh at the same time, which I love. It makes a smooth surface, but not like that of those with silicone. It doesn't leave a powdery smooth finish, but more just a moisturizer smoothness. I don't like how expensive it is, but a little goes a long way.

Not my favorite

I love VS scents. This one, however, is probably one of my least favorites. It has a fresh, almost soapy smell that I did not care for. I like scents that are more sweet and warm. This one was simply too light for my taste.

A Unique Take on a Nude Palette

I love how versatile this palette is. It is not the standard nude colors we are used to in nude palettes. It has a gorgeous deep burgundy shade called sexy that is very unique. I love to use this shade in the outer v as a fun punch of color in a smokey look. You can make very natural looks to extremely dramatic depending on your mood. The shadows are VERY pigmented and most are very buttery. The quality of these shadows is right on par with highly held brands like Urban Decay. It is a cool based palette; so for those who like warmer colors, this may not be the palette for you. The packaging is adorable -- especially the naughty version.

My favorite!

I love this primer. It does a great job at canceling out the discoloration and veins on my eyelids for a perfect base color. My eyeshadow never creases. I have normal eyelids that are neither dry nor oily.

The real deal!

This product is fantastic. Once I learned how to use it (pat it on, do not rub it in), I got great results. It helps my BB cream last all day with little to no shine! I have been told it works as an eyeshadow base as well. Definitely check it out if you are in the market for a great mattifying primer. See my video review.

The best I've Found!

I have not found another highlighter like this one. It gives the most gorgeous golden sheen. It can be dusted on lightly for a subtle look or packed on more heavily for a more dramatic look! I love it and will repurchase it until I find something better! :)

What's not to love!?

I got this set off Hautelook for a great deal. It was my first time with Lorac and I was instantly a fan. The blush and shadows are very pigmented! The shades are very neutral and could work for anyone. The lip gloss smells amazing (a sweet vanilla). The bag is super cute, too, which is a plus! I definitely recommend this set if you can still find it!

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