Naturals Moisture Conditioner


Baily  R.

Though not the most expensive conditioner in the world it gets the job done. It is very silky and light. I have this conditioner for my "in-between washes". You have to switch our shampoos and conditioners and I use Wen Hair every other time. Sometimes I just need something lighter and this really cleans my hair well. The conditioner which is what this review is about really moisturizes my hair. I simply love it. It's inexpensive, light, and smells amazing. Its that sort-of smell that really sticks with you all day :)

Michele N.

This is my go to conditioner when I need to co-wash... I use it when I need to detangle my naturally curly hair. Its really moisturizing, and I love that I dont get a nasty residue left in my hair...

Kimberly T.
Pretty good product

I liked that this product is silicone free and instead uses natural moisturizers. With that being said, it doesn't make your hair feel as smooth as those with silicone do. I would, however, pick the more natural product. It made my hair tangle free, which is what is most important in a conditioner for me.

Jennie H.

I really love this conditioner, probably my favorite especially for the price. It is super moisturizing and leaves my hair very soft. I have been repairing my heat damaged hair. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and use to straighten it almost every day this conditioner has greatly reduced frizz from hair breakage. I have changed some other things is my hair routine so I cant contribute my healthier hair 100% to this product but I do believe it has made a difference.

Dani M.

The shampoo is not so great but I'm a big fan of the conditioner. I love natural ingredients but sometimes you don't get a good clean out of them. With this conditioner I always feel like my hair is healthy, shiny, smooth, and clean. Thumbs up!

Alexis C.

I use this as a leave in and it moisturizes my hair very well. I also have 4a hair which can be very dry but when I use this my hair stays soft for awhile especially on blow outs.

Aradia J.
Love it

Great product, esp considering that I have "kinky" textured hair. It works not only on fine straight hair but my 3b/4a hair texture. My hair was really soft after using. I recommend this to anyone but since I'm natural I would also recommend this to any other women who are Natural, its a great alternative to more expensive conditioners!