Shady Lady Palette


Caellen S.
Great Quality, Good Variety

I own the palette in the picture. There is a really great variety of shades in here. They are all wearable colours but aren't totally boring. There are some unique colours in here such as the one on the bottom right: it looks silver, but it actually has a bluish, lilac tint. You can make a variety of different looks with this, from natural to smoky, (relatively) colourful to neutral. Its great for the money.

Terri S.
Highly Pigmented & Shimmery

I own both vol.1 & vol. 2 of these palettes. I like the range of colors they both have and the pigmentation is great. I used one of these palettes when I did a homecoming makeup job and the final result was picture perfect. The teal color I used I blended with a few other colors to match her dress perfectly. I was impressed and so was my client and her mother!!

Astrid R.
Loveeee this Palette!!!!!

the colors on this palette are so pigmented that its crazy i absolutely love all the colors it brings the balm products are so worth buying even if you have to save up for it like i did they are awesome. this palette contains alot of shimmer fun colors that are good to use when going out to clubs or at night because they are very flashy love it

Lauren G.
Would not be caught without this palette.

I first found out about this palette about 2 years ago when I watched Kandee Johnson religiously. Great array of colors, pigmented, beautiful texture. LOVE this palette! Highly recommend. :)

Kimberly T.
Very Versatile

The quality of these shadows is just like all of the shadows from theBalm. Buttery and pigmented. This palette has a very neutral feel to it, but has a few colors that can be applied as a pop of color. Many different looks can be achieved since the color range hits across the board. I really like this palette, and would recommend it!