Victoria's Secret

Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist


Rachelle-Denise  M.

I have had this fragrance for quite sometime not because I don't adore it but because you don't have to soak yourself in it to get the full effect of how sweet it smells. Not only do I love the fragrance but I love the bottle it's in. It's not an everyday type for me but instead for when I want to feel sexy for that "special someone".

Myrna P.

Great to carry in your purse or Gym bag. The smell is nice, soft and doesn't leave a pungent strong trail behind. Perfect for your lazy days or hanging out.

Doreen L.
One for the fab older ladies

The sweet, musky smell in this perfume would probably be a hit with the older ladies. It smells elegant and refined and a bit too mature for my age, so I passed it to my Mum.

Sasha S.
Sweet and Angelic

The name says it all..I love this fragrance. I purchased it totally by accident while shopping for my daughter's birthday gift. I knew she wanted VS body spray but I couldn't remember the name. So I purchased Dream Angels and a couple of other fragrances. Long story short..she never received the Dream Angels ;)

Paige N.
Dream Angels

I first noticed this perfume when one of my friends back in elementary school had this sitting on her dresser. I borrowed it and fell in love. I've bought two more bottles since then. (It lasts a long time if you get the full size) I don't use it everyday, because it can be overpowering sometimes. I definitely use it at least 4 times a week though. Overall, it smells great and is one of the classic perfumes in my collection.

Kimberly T.
Not my favorite

I love VS scents. This one, however, is probably one of my least favorites. It has a fresh, almost soapy smell that I did not care for. I like scents that are more sweet and warm. This one was simply too light for my taste.

Shameem A.
Way too Strong

I work at victoria's secret and after I saw the popular demand for this fragrance i decided to purchase it. I felt that it was way too strong for me and i felt that older people would like it much better. So I gave it to my mom and she loves it.