Vitamin E Face Primer


Noelle M.
Best Primer!

I've used smashbox and bare minerals and some drugstore ones and this one is hands down the best for my skin(which is dry sensitive acne prone skin.). I love the subtle smell to this, it's citrusy, like a faint lemon like smell. Doesn't leave your face with an unnatural feeling, it just feels like a moisturizer on your skin. I didn't use this for a long time because I had so so feelings toward it after the first time I used it, but i don't think I let it set long enough before applying my foundation on top of it which I found is the trick to using primers, you really need to let them set on your skin before putting your foundation and other make up on top. In anycase this works amazingly well given that you let it set for a little bit before applying foundation over it.

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Victoria D.
Best I've Tried!

I got a sample of this primer from an order at Sephora, and I used ti down to the last drop! Stretched it out for days more than it should have lasted xD It goes and and feels so light and refreshing. It's got a slight, cirtusy smell to it, which I love, but isn't enough to irritate my skin. My face feels like a new canvas for my foundation after applying this. Everything looks smoother, brighter, and just plain out better! I've tried using other primers since this ran out (mostly drugstore) and absolutely nothing meets up to this product.

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Kimberly T.
My favorite primer

I feel like silicone breaks my skin out, so I turned to this. I like it for its moisturizing properties and feel its more like a face lotion than an actual primer. It smells fruity and fresh at the same time, which I love. It makes a smooth surface, but not like that of those with silicone. It doesn't leave a powdery smooth finish, but more just a moisturizer smoothness. I don't like how expensive it is, but a little goes a long way.

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Miss M.
Great natural moisturizer/primer

This is a great product! This is my go to moisturizer/primer -- I'm on my second tube. I use it under makeup since I'm not a huge fan of the silicone-y primers. After applying, my skin feels smoother and makeup goes on better. I think it helps diminish my fine lines as well. It's also great when you just have a couple minutes to moisturize and are not putting on makeup. It has a light, citrus scent. I know others have complained about it but I actually find it refreshing and light (kind of like the smell of oranges). I even wore this while I was pregnant and my sense of smell was heightened and it was not overwhelming at all. I also only noticed the smell during application but not once it was on. It soaks in quickly and is not greasy. My skin didn't break out either. If you want a simple routine without a lot of mysterious chemicals, I'd recommend this primer.

Shannnon D.
Awesomeee, worth the money!

I got this Korres face primer as a sample in one of my sephora orders. I have to say that it is an amazing primer and this kind of product is awesome to invest into. If you could invest in any one, this would be a great one because it keeps your makeup on all day (I have combination-oily skin) and makes your makeup application smooth and flawless. The only downside to this product is that I personally do not like the smell. After applying the smell is gone but my initial reaction was not that great. Hope this helps! xo

Amy Maria Y. Team
Great silicone alternative

If you want to stay away from silicone due to skin sensitivity or simply because some of your make-up formulas don't work well with silicone primers, this is a good alternative. It feels light like a moisturizer. I typically let primers set on the skin for a few minutes before I apply foundation so that it has time to work with my skin. For this primer, apply with clean hands in a patting motion.

I've used this with just a powder foundation and it has worked well (no piling or balling!)

Izzy F.
Smells good

I love the smell of this product. I can't put my finger on what the scent actually is but I like it. I personally don't use foundation primers as I don't feel they really work consistently. I find they only work when you first try them. I've tried quite a few and haven't found one yet that continues to work day after day. If anything I would only use this on special occassions.