Urban Decay

Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Althea N.
Best stuff on earth! Forget Snapple!!!!!!

This eyeshadow primer is the best thing that has ever entered my life lol. I like this particular one better that the original because it makes my eyelids look lighter so I feel like it makes my colors pop more as well as keeps everything very matte & crease-free. A little goes a long way so these tubes. $18 seemed a little pricey to me when I first bought this a few years ago, but now I know it's worth every penny! Definitely recommend this product!

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Chelsey T.

This stuff is top notch! I find this to be the best of all Urban Decay primers because it's tinted which will give you the best pigment of color in your shadows!

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Freya T.
Love it

This has a create smooth texture, and provides a great base for eyeshadow. However be sure not to too much on and blend it properly other wise it will be too cakey and eye makeup wont apply well!!!

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Harriet H.
Primer Convert.

I have never, ever used primer... let alone eye primer. I always thought it was a bit of nonsense and wouldn't really do much! However, after I decided to investigate the option when I got so bored of my eye make up creasing and smudging throughout the day.

I received a free sample of this primer with my Naked 2 pallette and OH MY GOD I am an immediate convert. I used it for a couple of days and was AMAZED that my eye make up stayed in place and looked like I had just applied all day! I wouldn't NOT use it!

However, I do have one tip! If you buy two of the smaller travel size tubes of this stuff it is the same price as the larger tube but you get a bit more product! ;)

Sai A.

This product is probably the best primer I have ever used my mum gave it to me for Christ as and I have been in love with it ever since. It just gives you a nice base that really emphasizes your eyes.

Kalie H.

I tried the original potion for a while... Found it creased for me really bad.. Switched to Eden, stayed on all day with no creasing and it works miracles! If you have oily skin, Eden is the best!!

Sabrina T.
Best primer out there!

I absolutely am in love with this primer, I use it sparingly, you only need a dot per eye and it can last you months! It is the best primer I have ever owned. Keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner on for hours! Would rate 10!

Jessi W.
Totally worth all the hype!

This is my first eyeshadow primer. It keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and it makes my shadow colors pop. It's just perfection. I bought this at Ulta last week for my birthday. I used it that night. Went out to dinner and when I came home, my shadow looked like it was just put on. It looked flawless. Love this primer!

Sam R.
Life Saver!

Ok first off I've been using the original for years and have always loved it, but I recently revived a sample in Eden and let me tell you...I'm in love! The matte shade is so versatile it can be worn alone or under any shade of shadow or pigments and it holds so well...I'm absolutely hooked.

Rozlynn M.

Love love love it. The product goes on smoothly and has a nice mate finish so it doesn't change the shadow you apply but gives it that extra oomph