Beauty Product Reviews


Unlike Colorstay foundation range, this product doesn't give off that notorious "paint" smell. I guess, one of the strength is that the user can build this into medium or full coverage. I'm not sure about others but this works great on my extremely dry skin. My full foundation routine usually consists of adding a drop of oil in the ratio of 3:1. It gives me the healthy dewy look. The shade I got is 340 Caramel. Tad too dark for me, so I'd usually add Photoready foundation in 006 Medium Beige . (I may or may not add oil depending on my preference, since photoready has that glitter particles in it.) A little goes a long way, as the consistency is pretty dense. Major dislike on the hygiene-less packaging (and heavy). Revlon pricetags in Singapore is so ridiculous for a drugstore brand especially this one, they might as well sell 'em @ Sephora tbh. 😩


i have 2 ways of using this product. Not my all-over-the-face colour since it's quite glittery for my liking. 1) i mixed this with revlon's whipped creme with the ratio 2:1 (1 on the photoready's side), as the colour of my whipped creme is tad too dark for me and by mixing this, it gives matches my skintone and the dewy look i crave for (i have dry skin). 2) there're time i use this as a highlight on the highest points of my face: cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and cupid's bow. it gives the (partial) luminosity i want without looking like a greaseball all over. I do suffer from acne scars - when I first embarked on cosmetics, my 1st foundation was this 1. It provides medium coverage and makes my acne scars looking grey. This may transfer to clothings, mobile phones. But the pump truly makes life easier. (wishing that their colorstay range comes with a pump too!)


Like their BB/CC creams, they offer only 2 shades. I rarely use this as my under eye concealer as it hardly does any job. Staying power? Hardly, (even with primer). But for me it works perfectly as highlighter, especially under the eyes. I live in a pretty humid country so this is really not my type of stay-all-day concealer.

Nivea Never Disappoints =)

The one i'm using currently isn't Pearly Shine version but Star Fruits (strawberry-tinted). My lips truly depend on this one. I just need one application [surprisingly, as I live in a tropical country.. 0_O] before heading out and i'm good to go. It stays moisturized for the whole day!

If i were to skip this and apply my lip color, it just doesn't feel right for me.


Never been a fan of mascara before and this is the first I've ever own. The oscillation doesn't really make a difference to unclump the lashes. I still have to make use of lash comb though. But it's a really long lasting product. Up to 14 hours and it never wears off.

2 Thumbs up!

Long-lasting lipstick may be known to dry out the lips. But not this! Easy application, pigmented and indeed, long-lasting! It stays on my lips for atleast 7 hours. I can't believe for as long as 7 hours, i didn't have to touch it up. They have amazing colours too! I'm gonna get more of them!


Wayyy too drying. I can feel it dries up right after one coat of application. And it flakes a lot less than a minute before I go to the balm. The colour pigmentation of the lipstick isn't strong. The balm doesn't help much, unfortunately. Staying power? in about 2 hours.

Forever lovin' the trio!

My first 3 eyeshadow bases and no regrets. Except that I discovered that the eyeshadow creased a little in 7-8 hrs' time along the crease area. Doesn't matter much for me since I've applied primer prior to applying the base.

All in all, I'm head over heels with NYX bases!