Pearly Shine

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Sage P.

The color is a light shimmering pink ... That goes good with my skin tone. I love the feel of it.... it's not to thick and it's not to glossy it's right in between.

Liz S.
Worth the money

I found this at my local Russian/polish superstore, it moisturizes while adding a shimmery finish. A lot of tinted/shimmer lip balms crack my lips but this does wonders! (I also have eczema. Severely dry skin, and this is great for sore dry lips. It accentuated cracks though...)

Jasmin E.

this product is amazin it doesnt dry out as wuick as other products,it has a slight tint to the product but that doesnt bother me, its very moisterising, it smells lovley, in my own opinion this is better than eos

Rebecca M.
Smells great!

Love this product, does not dry quickly and smells so good! Very sheer color and gives your lips a lot of moisture. The price is fair for the amount of product you get :) def recommend

Elizabeth P.

This goes on so smoothly and it gives you such a nice & natural pearl shine. It especially does not clot and moisturizes very well. I wear this on a day to day basis and it completes every look and its quick and easy to pull off. I definetly reccomend this product. or any other Nivea product!

Lyndsie  T.

Love this specially for winter having in the pursr or pocket moisturizing I like the pearl pay off and cute to have while often repurchased and replaced nivea is also a great line in alot of products

Emine M.

It's perfect for summer and the color is shiny depending on how much you apply. Some apply this on their lipstick if they want to create a shiny look and some apply directly because it can look like you are wearing a pink lipstick. I apply it directly to create a shiny pink look when I'm in a hurry or in school. It can work as a moisturizer too and the price is definitely affordable. Smells funny and sweet. It contains: polydecene, paraffin, petrolatum, ceresin, cyclomethicone, isopropyl palmitate, copernicia, cerifera, caprylic/capric triglyceride, parfum.

Shannon C.

I wear this everyday as I'm applying my makeup just for some moisture. I think it's great of you dot fancy wearing lipstick or lipgloss just on a casual day as it has a tint of pink as sparkle. Nora is a brand I always can rely on

Jess S.

I got this product In a set I got sometime around this year (2014!) it's ok... Adds a good sparkle,shimmer and shine, but it smells funny... Does not glide well, sorry!

Amelia M.
Pretty good!

I think this one was ok. It's not my favorite Nivea lip product. It had a nice shine on my lip but just wouldn't glide on very well. After I use it up, I probably will not buy it again!