Pulse Perfection Mascara


Karen Krishia C.
A really great mascara!

I had used 2 of these wonderful product. I can definitely say that this is the perfect mascara for me. It does not clump and coats each of my lashes perfectly. I can put at least 4 coats and still my lashes looks good. The vibration really make sense but I guess without the oscillation, it might not work that great. It's just a shame that this is already phased out in our country.

so s.

I <3 it. One of my all time favorite durgstore mascaras. I have very stubborn lashes, only waterproof formulas work for me. I like to apply one coat of Maybelline Pulse Perfection to seperate my lashes, and for some length then apply 1-2 coat this Maybelline Colossal Volum' Mascara on top for volume. My lashes stay in place all day, the best part is It doenst weigh down my lashes!

**One of the best lengthing and seperating mascaras I have tried**

Megan F.

Really love this stuff! Gives great length while adding volume. The vibration isn't needed but I guess if you like it. I found if you didn't add the amount you wanted too while it was still wet it was difficult to add another layer to it. But it is worth it's price.

Munirah C.

Never been a fan of mascara before and this is the first I've ever own. The oscillation doesn't really make a difference to unclump the lashes. I still have to make use of lash comb though. But it's a really long lasting product. Up to 14 hours and it never wears off.

Sirobe C.
It's okay

I use it along with Maybelline Colossal just to clean up the lashes. I still haven't figured out the advantage of the vibration. It works the same whether I press it or not.

Saby T.

I found this just like any other regular mascaras,it didn rly volumize my lashes..amd wats up with the vibrating thingy ? Thats wat caught my attention and why i bought it,but..another disappoinment !