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Jan 2, 2014

Desigirl A.

Hey following btw just curious what do you mean by " Islam the often misunderstood religion"?? I'm just wondering I'm a muslim too and no one ever misunderstood me or my religion... So what do you mean by that??

Jul 26, 2013

Herrrraa--- F.

You're sooo gorgeous! I love reading about you :-*

Oct 18, 2013

Munirah C.

Awww~~ Thank You!! I love your pictures! A natural beauty!

Oct 19, 2013

Herrrraa--- F.

Thanks sweetheart!! Really appreciate that :)

Jul 23, 2013

Shelly B.

You are one gorgeous lady!!

Oct 18, 2013

Munirah C.

Oh my.. Thanks!! Thank you for following too!

Jul 20, 2013

Becky G.

soo pretty (:

Oct 18, 2013

Munirah C.

Look who’s talking! :) Thanks a lot for following!

Lovely work dear <3

Oct 18, 2013

Munirah C.

Oh wow~ Thank you. What an honour coming from you, a Pro Makeup Artist!

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Munirah C.

Location: Singapore

“You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her" *Anonymous*

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About Me

A makeup rookie. Just started out early 2010. Progressively learning from various Gurus on YouTube. They&#39;re so inspirational!

Introvert in meeting new people or even start a conversation. However, i&#39;m someone who talks (well, moderately) and loves to introduce and share things I love to my Loved Ones. And always welcome to get to know new stuffs that have always been unknown to me.

p.s.: I can be a person who lives (and thinks) in B.C. era. So please bear with me. =)

Obsessed in all things Korean: Culture, Entertainment, Food, History etc etc. To settle down in Korea has always been a DrEaM. (ermmmm... and I mean in &#39;South&#39; Korea)

A NUTELLA Addict! If there&#39;s such thing as Nutella Rehab Centre, my parents would send me to that place in a heartbeat.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Coarse
Birthday: March 31
Age: 34


Ethnicity: Indian

Religion: Islam - The Often Misunderstood Religion. ='(

Family: Teenage-like Mom,
Stubborn Dad,
2 Elder Sisters with a motto that goes "bullying-the-youngest-means i-love-you",
2 Brothers-In-Law (2 out-of-this-world personalities)
A Gorgeous Niece (1 year old) who loves her beauty sleep, as I like to call her "Sleeping Beauty".

Favourite Pastime of all pastimes: watching Korean drama serials/movies (Yes, I'm such a K-geek)

Favourite Food: Takes too much time to think. I'd rather spend that time to eat. heh heh heh~

Extra trivia: Has more than 3 meals a day. Literally, MORE. (Not a fan of junk food)
I do watch American TV shows:
Survivor (since the 1st season!), Charmed, Dark Angel, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, 90210, Pretty Little Liars (Love the makeup worn by PLL Girls! Massive obsession with Keegan Allen!)