The Style Perfect Concealer


Munirah C.

Like their BB/CC creams, they offer only 2 shades. I rarely use this as my under eye concealer as it hardly does any job. Staying power? Hardly, (even with primer). But for me it works perfectly as highlighter, especially under the eyes. I live in a pretty humid country so this is really not my type of stay-all-day concealer.

Pakou Y.

I've been using this as my concealer for a few weeks now and I like it. It does crease under the eye but all concealer does that to me since I have a few fine lines under my eye. Sad, but whatever. It does cover up my redness and it covers some blemishes but not completely. You can still see dark spots but they're not as dark. This product is also very creamy but it's light-weight.

Idah H.
Not worth it

I bought this product out of a wimp,thinking,oh well since its darn cheap no harm in trying it.The pigmentation is too creamy to be apply on my dark circles that it crease like crazy for the next couple of minutes.Either light-handedly or heavily,both ways doesn't work on me!