Photo Ready Makeup SPF 20


Munirah C.

i have 2 ways of using this product. Not my all-over-the-face colour since it's quite glittery for my liking. 1) i mixed this with revlon's whipped creme with the ratio 2:1 (1 on the photoready's side), as the colour of my whipped creme is tad too dark for me and by mixing this, it gives matches my skintone and the dewy look i crave for (i have dry skin). 2) there're time i use this as a highlight on the highest points of my face: cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and cupid's bow. it gives the (partial) luminosity i want without looking like a greaseball all over. I do suffer from acne scars - when I first embarked on cosmetics, my 1st foundation was this 1. It provides medium coverage and makes my acne scars looking grey. This may transfer to clothings, mobile phones. But the pump truly makes life easier. (wishing that their colorstay range comes with a pump too!)

Madina R.
poor attempt

poor, uneven coverage and super cakey finish. none of the colours are anywhere near a decent match for me. takes so much blending and sits in any open pores it can find!

Erin C.

In my opinion this foundation is just ok, I've tried better for around the same price range. It makes my skin look cakey & doesn't have great lasting power, it also feels like I've got heaps of makeup on when I where it. I do still mix it with other foundations as I don't like to waste, but overall not a big fan.

Mercedes D.
Good for Special Occasions

First off, I'm just going to state why I do not like this product: -Makes my skin feel unnatural, and look cakey/fake -Makes me break out However, if I mix it with my BB cream, it gives it enough moisture that is glides on my face well and gives a natural, yet full-coverage and matte finish. Also, if I wash my face extremely well right after I've come back, I don't usually break out. I know it sounds like I don't like this product, but it's more like a love-hate relationship. It is my go-to product when I'm going out for a special occasion, because it does stay in place all night and it has amazing coverage (under my eyes especially!), even when I mix it with my BB cream.

Metta X.
Favorite Foundation

I absolutely LOVE this foundation. You can definitely build up your coverage. The coverage is amazing and will leave you with flawless skin. If you don't like shimmer and prefer a more matte foundation then THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR YOU! A lot of people complain about the shimmer and yes it has shimmer but I really don't mind because after a translucent powder, your face will look matte.

Evelyn R.
its ok

the only bad i can say about this foundation is the shimmer but the coverage is great, looooove the pump that comes with it. wish the colorstay had this pump. anyways to get rid of the shimmer use a powder afterwards to set. i have oily skin and this was not so bad i used a mattifying primer under. But it does not stay as long as the colorstay

Jeny B.

I ABSOLUTELY love this foundation! I love the fact that it has a pump. it makes it sooo much easier to get out. I usually prefer a matte finish, but the shimmer in this foundation give an amazing glow to my skin. Its so easy to apply. Very easy to blend. and it is a medium to full coverage foundation This is def. my favorite drugstore foundation!

Katy B.

I got this foundation towards the middle of the summer about when it as getting difficult to make my winter/spring foundation work with my gradually darkening tan. I've never really used foundations with a dewy finish, I usually would go for a matte finish. I also decided to take a leap and get a foundation with SPF. In the past when I used a foundation with SPF I noticed it made my skin oily through-out the day and with an oily t-zone that is no good. But I wanted to try it out again to protect my skin during this season. I really like the foundation in general, especially the pump! That was the selling point for me! I will probably be changing products for the winter to a more matte finish. But I would say if you are looking for a drugstore foundation, with SPF protection and dewy finish and build-able coverage, this would be great for you!

Hannah F.

I love this foundation so much. My friend with lighter skin with me originally bought it, but found it too dark for her skin tone, so she gave it to me. I fell in love with it, but the colour was a little too light for me, so I mixed it with the Colour Stay Foundation. I recently purchased it in my correct shade, and I think this product is so fantastic. It's such great quality, and gives you such a flawless look. It blends great, and the coverage is perfect. It's absolutely great if your on camera a lot, and I am with my youtube videos, so it's perfect. It can be a little shiny, but that can be fixed with a powder easily. There is a matching PhotoReady Pressed Powder which works great too :)

Joyce S.
Don't purchase!

I really did want to love this foundation. I have been using Makeup Forever HD for the longest time, and it is a pretty pricey foundation. I went to Target and picked this up for ten bucks, and I was shocked and how minimal the color selection was. Once I tried this out, I absolutely LOVED it in the first few weeks. I used it a lot over the summer, after I find out how much unnecessary shimmer goes into this product. You look like a glitter ball, and it does not blend well. I really think the hype is a bit silly, considering this is one of the worst foundations I have ever tried. It clings onto every dry patch, and with its SPF I don't see how you can possibly take a decent looking picture. This was not the foundation for me. It made my skin look oily, which is surprising cause I have dry skin. It was also so shimmery and made pores, (wrinkles if you are old), and every unwanted imperfections stand out.